The Cute Rat was one powerful marketing strategy for sure! Besides being the mans pet, it was a gold mine when it came to donations. This cool man of the street gets marketing!

The Cute Rat was one powerful marketing strategy for sure! Besides being the mans pet, it was a gold mine when it came to donations. This cool man of the street gets marketing!

Hello Awesome People!

During my trip to visit Clients in Sydney CBD today, it was an Interesting and Enriching experience walking basically from the South to the North of the city. It’s roughly a 45 minute walk and I saw all sorts of Different things. Great Concepts, from the High Class Affluent side through to the Sad Mean Streets side of things, and the People living on it, all mixed in a Melting Pot.

Sadly, as you walk through the City – there are a lot of Homeless People begging on the Streets. Mostly, the Common Tactic is someone sitting there looking Sad, with a Sign telling a Story asking for Money. It’s very easy to tune out to the mass Negative Sales Approach. And as I was walking Along, I Noticed a very Clever man of the Streets. He was sitting there, Smiling and with him was his little Pet rat “Kimberly” having lunch on top of milk crate.

It was very cute, and I certainly felt Drawned and Compelled –  I went up and Approached them – gave a small Donation in order to Learn more about the man and his story. While the rat was eating away, he was feeding her freshly cooked rice, you can tell she was enjoying herself and Loved it. Donation wise, he was doing Really Well and Attracting lots of Positive Attention. As far as “Begging” goes, this guy had the work laid out for him, and he was Reaping it. Obviously it’s Tragic that people have to Beg in today’s society, however this man’s own Intelligence at getting Attention (and looking after his pet) was Impressive. If only a Basic Idea like this can be taken to the next Level (ethically of course), to Create a Sustainable Venture for a Better Standard of Living for him and his little friend.

Bringing it back to Marketing, “Cuteness” is Obviously a great Marketing Strategy and what our friend of the Streets really Nailed – was the Importance of Standing Out from the Crowd. I have Travelled the World, and sure I have seen beggars with pets before, but I have never seen such a Cute little Rat eating away, which worked well as a Unique Selling Point from a Commercial Mindset.

When it comes to Creativity and Concepts, we really got to Force Ourselves these days to Think Outside the Square. It can be very Tempting keep your Strategies Safe, and do something that everyone else is doing, however it very Rarely Works well. I have found personally and with the Thousands I have worked with over the years – for all Small and New Businesses to Succeed, you need to come up with Original Brand, through New and Creative Ideas in order to get the Resonation and Response from given Marketing Campaigns.

My advice & thinking? Like our friend on the Streets – you got to come up with something a little Different that are new to draw in Positively Attention. The better we do that, the more Profitable Clients we can get!

Trust this has been another Helpful Topic. For more savvy tips and to keep up to date with New Ideas to Market your Business, please sign up to the “The Awesome Marketing Vault

Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!




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