The man is a total inspiration on the issue of dealing with critique. Love his work (Image Credit - Thank you to Wikipedia)

The man is a total inspiration on the issue of dealing with critique. Love his work (Image Credit – Thank you to Wikipedia)

I used to hate being criticized. Like many people, it would mess with my head, get me all flustered and before I know it – I’d be losing debates left right and centre.

It was about a year or two ago, I kind of admitted my issues in this area and decided to get over my fear of being criticized with a very secret strategy I’d love to share with you all:

– Go out and get criticized a lot and get used to it!

Yes, it’s been an awesome year of this and I have done that my not only sharing some of my political views (go Donald Trump!) but also overcoming my own fear of Marketing online and getting my viewpoints out there.

If I think of the successful business, charity, military / policing & spiritual leaders I know – they are all very good in this area. In order for them to become leaders, they have had to have many people slam them, attack them and do all kind of mean things to them of this nature.

Whenever I have been lucky to ask them questions around this topic, their answers have all come back to the importance of them being criticized and attacked for their views.

Basically, every time when we get attacked, several things happen:

1) We question our views – and get stronger with them.

2) (Early On) – We get upset and get used to it.

3) We win more supporters to our side and cause.

Earlier on, I would be fearful and sheepish if someone attacked my views.

I now have a much better strategy, if someone slams me or attack me, I love doing this:

– Posting More!

Yes! The more I get attacked, is the more I have trained myself to get inspired to get more of my views out there. Firstly, the attackers end up losing out (because they just made you stronger and got more of what they don’t want) and two – you become stronger and more internally driven.

My advice and thinking? Put yourself out there to be condemned, criticized and hated by some. I did that and I even got kicked out of groups for it.

Awesome! On the positive, I have helped inspire hundreds to become more and go harder.

Love your work, stay awesome, feel free to condemn this post (LOL) and happy times!



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