The Awesome Independent Forex Trader Jarratt Davis from the UK.  Brilliant, Kind, Thinks with his own Mind.  Amazing Guy and my dedication of this article!

The Awesome Independent Forex Trader Jarratt Davis from the UK. Brilliant, Kind, Thinks with his own Mind. Amazing Guy and my dedication of this article!

My Personal and Business Life have been amazing lately in terms of development and growth.  I have had a massive array of highs and lows (but way more highs than lows which is awesome) and in a very short space of time it has me looking on my life much differently to how I was even months ago.

One great pay-off I have had is much greater Sales Ability and belief in myself.  So much that I’d love you to check out my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” right here (also things have been just flowing much better for me).

To qualify my heading too, if you speak to any of my friends or colleagues I am sure they will tell you that I am quite the opposite. I am the first type of person to listen to everyone, but there are quite a few instances in life and business where sometimes you just have to really do exactly that – “Ignore everyone and play your own Game!”

During my trip to the United Kingdom I was very lucky to hang out with the amazing Jarratt Davis – he is one Top Forex Trader who helped me many times.  This guy is a leader in his industry and he is the type of guy that can go against thousands of people with no hesitation or fear – and be right quite often!  As I got into his own story of how he developed this trait – when he was younger he looked after his brother and had to develop a critical mindset.  He had too in order to keep himself and his brother safe and on the straight and narrow!

Later in life this served him incredibly well and got me thinking about how I have been the opposite to a point – I used to always get sucked into the crowd, but no more!

Right now I consider myself very successful – the most successful in my life.  Do I have my Maniac Mansion yet? Hardly – but in what I personally value as great achievements I have done plenty of them and am feeling quite good about myself.

Where I was more going on the heading is that I think in business and life – it’s really important that the goals and objectives you are following are WHAT YOU HAVE SET.

For the majority of my life (until honestly quite recently) my life has been more to what other people value and have imposed on me.  That is, having kids, the car, the house and all that type of thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hippy – far from it being a Persian Guy living in Inner-Western Sydney.  I am more making a reference to making sure I am following goals that I WANT TO ACHIEVE.

For example, I have had tons of people that have said “You should buy your Audi tomorrow”.  Sure, I can afford it – but why on Earth would I do that? I would rather put my $900 per month it costs into my Facebook Campaign so my business grows each month and then say 12 months later I can buy my Audi out of profits with much greater ease.

So to the people telling me to buy my dream car now – no way! I will buy it in my own time.

That is my big point and my big lesson.  Make sure you are living your life on your own terms and sometimes you just got to ignore everyone and find your own way in life and business.

However, please ignore everyone else – but don’t ignore my Awesome Marketing Vault – one Top Sales & Marketing Online Course right here x x

Thank you for the read of this article and keep up the great work fine friends in living life on your terms!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Man of Reflection!



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