Quirky, Out There and Very Kind - Grant Dempsey of 4Networking Australia is one man to give me my first shot when few others would.  A great example I follow!

Quirky, Out There and Very Kind – Grant Dempsey of 4Networking Australia is one man to give me my first shot when few others would. A great example I follow!

I live in a very competitive part of the world – Sydney, Australia! Ranked in 2014 among the World’s Top 6 Cities most expensive cities in the world to live, you can earn a very “Decent” salary by other country standards and be not far above the water line when it comes to your expenses.

Evidently, if you are in business in Sydney as well and make it – YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  So if that’s you, may I give you a pat on the back and say well done.  If you are in the process, or failed quite a few times before I made it – keep at it my friend! Dedication and Heart will help you get there.

As a Marketing Mentor (check out my swell Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” x x) and Business Networking Leader I get to often meet hundreds of people each week.  I see from the awesome and well established like Kimberly Buttriss from Marsden’s Law to the Awesome Coaches starting out with their Vista-Print “Cheapo / Free” Business Cards.

In thinking about people like Kimberly who is incredibly sharp and works hard for her success, Edward Wright who is one amazing IT Man, Grant Dempsey from 4Networking and myself – quite often our business life starts in very humble origins.

When I started out, most people just laughed at me.  I remember I was once at this Business Networking Event, this quite evil so called “Business Coach” made fun of my credentials and embarrassed me in front of a few people.  It did really impact me negatively and I remember very few believed in me at the start.

I was very lucky to meet this Quirky man by the name of Grant Dempsey – who was bringing out 4Networking from the United Kingdom to Australia.  He was one of the first (even though I had very poor credentials) “Gave me a shot” to prove myself.

It was all I needed – after some hard work and commitment on my part, in a relatively short space of time my business was rocking and I find myself as I write this article being the Regional Leader of 4Networking Sydney (looking after tons of groups!).

In reflecting on this experience, sometimes I hate to think where my life would be without having Grant Dempsey come in at the pivotal time and just be that person to “Believe”  in me when my Self-Esteem was very low.

I do this quite often with other people now.  I have many people like I was coming to me with brilliant skills, a heart of gold and very low Self-Esteem. I have given my supportive belief to many and many have made it – only to thank me sometime later for believing in them (like I have with Grant Dempsey).

Many of these people became clients, trusted friends (even dated some x x), referral partners and my awesome support community.

One thing I found funny is that the people that would make it (I am getting very good at picking them now) are very rarely the loud ones.  They are the awesome, humble, intelligent and hard-working honest people.

To think Grant’s kindness enabled me to succeed – it has enabled me to help others succeed! (I wouldn’t be able to help others if I never made it!).  My view of my own story and Grant’s move; never judge a book by a cover, give awesome people a shot and they may certainly impress you and return the favour one day.

And of course about one book you can judge by it’s awesome cover, check out my Online Course the Awesome Marketing Vault (I so love getting that light sell in x x).

Did Grant Dempsey create a monster in me? Well perhaps and I thank him for it – I love passing on the love to many people I meet every week now.

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Man of Total Reflection!



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