We alll work super hard as Small Business Owners, so we deserve to be paid what we are worth and the value we bring! Make sure you are getting your fair share! (Thank you to Vault Boy artwork from Fallout yet again!)

We alll work super hard as Small Business Owners, so we deserve to be paid what we are worth and the value we bring! Make sure you are getting your fair share! (Thank you to Vault Boy artwork from Fallout yet again!)

With almost hitting 5,000 words I am totally pumped that my book is slowly getting there! 96 tips more to go and can’t wait.  One day I am sure this will be up on Kindle for the world to see – hope you enjoy this article / verse.

5. What do you Love that People will Pay Lots of Money For?

A very big question to ask and there are whole books on just this topic. This also sounds more like a general “Life Purpose” or “Human Resources” type of question. It can be as general as you sitting at your desk at work going out of your brain (like I once was) figuring out what direction to take your life in, or you could be in business right now tightening up your services and setting your direction.

This is obviously a critical issue of importance for Small Business Marketing as it feeds into the strategy and direction you are going in. To use a common example of where this plays out and one profession that can have many different niches are “Online People”. I have many great Online People as clients and there is just so much to this industry that even at times I can be amazed at the various options / directions to go in:

– Mobile Websites.

– Standard Websites.

– Online Product Websites.

– E-Commerce Websites.

– Squeeze Websites.

– Affiliate Websites.

And let’s talk about the promotional areas too:

– Google SEO.

– Google PPC.

– Google Places.

– Facebook Advertising.

– Facebook Community Building.

– LinkedIn Profiles.

– LinkedIn Marketing

And the list goes on! There is no way anyone could possibly be an expert in all these areas and you may be in an area of business with some things you love and some things that just drive you insane. The other point to consider as well is that you may say be brilliant at creating say fast / template websites but people won’t pay the money you are seeking in the quantity you like!

This is where the combination of Art & Science I think really comes together. Part of being an Entrepreneur is working out what the market wants, what you want to do and what you can possibly earn from that endeavour.

Once one has that basic understanding, it’s then a delicate matter of putting it all together in an awesome business model that makes sense for everyone. Then as you have the package together, it comes down to then the “Sales & Marketing” of it in a communications sense. Generally speaking, the more specialized you are in an area the far easier it is for you to promote in a convincing way to the market.

For example, I met a lovely UK fellow the other day who is a Pure SEO Specialist with Google Accreditation. I was quite impressed at his style and it’s a very easy sell. Change it to someone else I know who is an expert in Google PPC, Websites, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn and more – the sell just gets that bit harder and harder.

I was no different too when I started my own business. When I was getting my act together and learning what is best to focus on, I had many directions to contend with. Do I become a Mindset Coach? A general Business Coach? A Marketing Consultant? Go off and develop websites?

Over time through trial and error, “Small Business Marketing Mentor” was just perfect for me. People are willing to pay for those skills, it was a natural mesh with my abilities and interests and it was right up my alley in terms of qualifications and skills. Took about 12 months to get there, but once I did – it was amazing! Hence leading to my next tip for you awesome people:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #6:

“Decide on what you are doing, make sure you love it and it pays well!”

If you are in this journey right now, time for a holiday! Yes, a holiday. I have had some of my most powerful realizations when I was sitting back and letting my brain relax and my creative juices kick in! Nothing wrong with changing and tweaking your approach too – awesome business people are adaptive creatures!



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