The Market Measures Your Out-Put, not what you Put-In.  Putin.  Ha ha. Get it.  Okay, I am sorry - I will stick to Marketing.

The Market Measures Your Out-Put, not what you Put-In. Putin. Ha ha. Get it. Okay, I am sorry – I will stick to Marketing.

My Small Business Marketing Book is getting there and crossed 5,600 words! I am telling you that I have loved writing my book and integrating it with my blog by releasing every tip I write as I go along.  Chances are this will get read thousands of times very quickly and that prospect excites me for sure.  From Edward Zia – I hope you love this section as I did writing it! x x

6. Realize your Employment Days are Over Daniel-San!

I heard a very good saying about being in your own business and the amazing flexibility you get “It’s so flexible you can pick which 18 hours you work each day!”

Even though that statement is obviously intended in satire, it’s not much of an extension of what reality it is. In fact, we and a few of us have done exactly that – sometimes even all-nighters to get the job done. I am writing this page actually at 7:05PM before I hit the gym and come back and send out email invites for people to come to my next workshop. The more pleasant side of the coin is that when things are cooler and a trough in your workload, you can take time off, smell the roses, go shopping around a Local Shopping Mall and don’t have anyone to answer too.

I remember hearing the “18 Hour per Day” remark as an employee and I recall several reactions that I had. One was “Wow, do I have to work 18 hours? Can’t I be financially free in less than 60 minutes a day?” and secondly “How is that different, as an employee I have to do crazy hours?”

In resolving those two questions, firstly I don’t know anyone (including Richard Branson and Bill Gates) that made it with the “Less than 60 Minutes per Day” workload – to me and my colleagues that is seminar hype (often designed to sell you some product). Secondly, sure you may have to work hard – BUT you keep the rewards!

So even though you don’t get sick days, you get extra responsibilities and your Superannuation Contributions take a hit, you are building your own life and asset for yourself. Even though I obviously think being a Business Owner is a great idea, it can take some of us a bit of time to leave the “Employee Mindset” behind.

One thing I find interesting about some business owners is that they are still in “Employee Mindset”. They think that if they say work 8 x Hours they should get paid a set amount. The reality is that you can work 8 x hours and get paid nothing at times and like I once did earn $850 in 6 minutes (where I sold a Workshop from stage really well).

The big difference to me in Employee vs. Business mindset from a production viewpoint is that it’s not the hours you work, but the RESULTS YOU GENERATE. This is quite a distinction as in my Corporate Times I found very few places that truly believed this statement. They would say “Yeah we are all about results” but in reality – not really. They want you at your desk for whatever time frame.

Understanding this I think is extremely liberating and it gives me peace of mind. Yes, the responsibility is on our shoulders as business owners but we have more control as to the outcome and have a great potential to get rewarded for our awesome hard work. This which brings me to my own next tip learned with awesome hard-work on the Streets of Sydney:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #6:

“The Market Measures you on Your Out-Put and not what you Put-In!”

Sure, you may have to work like a dog at times to get the Out-Put and do some crazy hours, but they are fun, you own the results and what I find is that it gets easier every day. Starting out is very hard at the start in terms of dealing with overwhelm, misinformation, building your reputation and the like. BUT once you get traction and things are going your way the workload becomes positive, you make way better money as a Corporate and the Sales & Marketing just comes that bit easier. Your Product / Service should also improve overtime which makes things that bit easier to sell and get Awesome Word of Mouth.

So yes your Employment days are over once you succeed in business. My response to that? AWESOME!!!



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