Fiona Kane helped me not lose 20kg - she also helped give me some amazing insights into healing and our own issues blocking our confidence.  As a Marketer, you don't want issues holding you back!

Fiona Kane helped me not only lose 20kg – she also helped give me some amazing insights into healing and our own issues blocking our confidence. As a Marketer, you don’t want issues holding you back!

I have passed 4,200 words now and love it! In speaking to Fiona Kane who I think is a complete legend, I hope you enjoy the next passage from my upcoming book!

4. Secure Marketers are Effective Marketers

Small Business Marketing can fun, exhilarating and at times purely terrifying! I remember as a very start-up “Business & Mindset Coach” (which didn’t work at all and I changed by name to Marketing Mentor in no time) I would be in Business Networking Events getting up in front of everyone and bearing my soul to the world.

When I contrast my Corporate Marketing Manager experiences to my own Small Business Marketing experiences, sure there is some overlap – but it is mostly an experience of dealing with cold hard fear at the start and overcoming it day by day.

One my great friends and partners in business Fiona Kane is this amazing Nutritionist / Mindset Person from Sydney who has given me some top tips that inspired me writing this passage from this angle. If you haven’t met her, I encourage you to Google her name and find it and learn her own personal story. She was a stroke survivor from a young age in her 20’s, has a heart of gold and has coalesced her experiences into substance, true confidence and helping others.

If you see her as well, she is quiet, confident, calm, glasses, must not weight more than 50kg and the most unassuming person you meet. But when she speaks, you get amazing insights and strengths from her. What is interesting about using her as my Heroine of this example, is that she writes with conviction, speaks with passion and has this incredible ability to get out the strong message about her business.

Just before writing this section as well, I was walking around the block and she was Facebook messaging me in relation to one of my earlier articles. She was giving incredible advice and quoting her feed right here I would like you see our conversation in real-time and 100% raw:

Fiona: ha ha, as we discussed before, your pattern in friendships/relationships

Me: Yes! Its good most of the time but some target the weakness of it.I have learned my most painful lessons.

Fiona: You gotta learn to fill your own “emotional holes”

Me: Thank you Fiona!

Fiona: not be addicted to others

Me: Filling them now.

Fiona: filling them for you. Good!

Me: Yes people exploit it to their own savage gain. Unlike awesome people like is. Hmm – good blog topic!

Fiona: you gotta ask though not just what they get from you, but what you were getting from them, you wouldn’t have been there

Me: Filling my own voids as you said.

Fiona: if it wasn’t serving you in some way, that is the most important question

Me: I started doing it myself and its better. Just like you said.

Fiona: the questions that are uncomfortable, to ask yourself, if it makes you squirm, it’s the right question

The conversation continued getting deeper and deeper and to me Fiona provoked some important thinking which I believe is extremely relevant to Small Business Marketing. Even though I am great at it and I get paid to teach it for a living in Mentoring Clients and the like, when you have unresolved voids or points of “Low-Confidence” in your own thinking it’s like that little bit of mud on you.

Sure, we all have our own issues and continuing the “Mud Metaphor” – a little bit of mud can look cool, but too much mud and you will be up to your knees in it. I started my business with plenty of issues and my critics will say “Edward you still have tons of issues” and my response is “Yes, I do – but as Fiona says let’s Face them head on”.

These could be issues about dealing with “Voids” (as am I), seeking Relationships and Friendships out of low self-esteem (whereas ultimately I would get taken advantage of and it was 110% my fault), the fact that you feel you may not succeed or you aren’t “Worthy” of success. I am a far cry of Dr. Phil of course, so to me Mindset is something you want to work on every day and this brings me to my next sentiment:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #4:

“Confront Your Issues Head-On and Market with Confidence and a Smile”

I love this one and if anything you can probably tell that my writing is a form of my own therapy! Each 1,000 words I write and I remove 1 issue perhaps? Hardly, but what I can tell you is that the more you come out with your own weaknesses you realize shame is an illusion, your friends often step up and say “Me-Too!”.



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