One of my most favourite photos of myself and the 4Networking Australia Team.  Great friends and help is critical in Small Business Success and I think should be a massive part of Entrepreneurship taught as a subject.

One of my most favourite photos of myself and the 4Networking Australia Team. Great friends and help is critical in Small Business Success and I think should be a massive part of Entrepreneurship taught as a subject.

I have crossed 3500 words now on my Small Business Marketing Book! I am very excited and the name and structure has already been tweaked a few times.  I really like this “101 Tips” light read type of book, so hope you like the #3 tip of the series.  98 more to go!

3. Make Sure you are surrounded by “Actual Friends”

This has been one extremely painful lesson for me, especially as my Business & Life started to totally rock. I have had this conversation with many great friends and clients (including those that are Self-Made Multi-Millionaires) and this is surprisingly a big issue.

Even though I don’t see myself as a massive success or anything, it has crossed that point enough for the “Tall-Poppy Syndrome” to emerge. If you haven’t heard this expression used much, I even took the pleasure of visiting awesome Wikipedia and defining it:

“Tall poppy syndrome (TPS) is a pejorative term primarily used in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Anglosphere nations to describe a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers.”

On a sad note, poor women are often the victims of this type of attack. If I speak to any of my awesome female clients, the minute they start making great money they find out very quickly who their real friends are. One of my great friends who is going through this process now has ironically had some of her old “Female Friends” back-stab her and say very mean things about her.

For me personally too, in 2013 that was the main year I started to crack the ice in my business and loving how things were going. It was a very confronting experience in that for the first time in my life I had people wanting to be “My Friend” because of my position (especially in the 4Networking Australia Community – where I can direct business quite easily). It was a painful yet positive learning experience for me, I had some use their “Charm” on me to get help and referrals, people try and use for me free consulting, making fun of my relationship ending, laughing at my bout of being homeless and move on when they thought they used me up. I even had one of my supposed “Old Friends” unfriend me on Facebook after helping them for years with great business, work, referrals and support.

One of my great friends who runs a Promotional Company is a commercial genius and Master Sales Person. They would easily earn more than $500,000 of Net Profit some years. They are lovely and being female as well, I have heard many just say bad things about her “Because”. Another great friend, the moment she started getting more success in her life – one of her male friends tried to cut her down. You know why of course? She is going to earn more money than him in no time and he can’t handle it.

On the other hand too and the good news as well – most people are totally awesome. It’s just that the painful experiences can really hurt on a deep level and it’s all part of becoming an Awesome Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur. I have so many great friends that are right behind me and supporting me. From offering me temporary places to stay when my long-term relationship ended in 2013, to giving me great referrals and to just being an awesome pal.

This is where I think “Givers Gain” kicks in and you always want to be the first one to give. Even though some people really hurt me and I gave them nothing but love and kindness, I am totally cool with that. Sure, some took advantage of me but overall I was able to help so many of my friends and clients kick butt and make tons of money.

I am not going to let a few bad people in my life ever cool-down my motivation to keep searching for awesome people that I may be able to help in some-way. I think as well anyone can make money in life, but can one make an actual difference? That to me is the “Holy Grail” of why were are living our temporary lives on Earth.

This brings me to my next insight:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #3:

“Surround Yourself with Awesome Friends and Make their Lives Better!”

Goes without saying sure and I bet if you are reading this far into my materials we share the common bond in this regard. I find many don’t do this as much as they need too. Sure, they are good people but you have to at times give yourself that “Extra Push” to really help others get the quality results they want.

My advice? Think about how you can help your friends. It may be only minutes of your time to make a lifetime of change for someone else!



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