Always great to expect back of whatever you are putting out.  Chris Waters (shown here) is a kind man who puts out support, help and quality.  No surprise he gets back the same!

Always great to expect back whatever you are putting out. Chris Waters (shown here) is a kind man who puts out support, help and quality. No surprise he gets back the same!

Almost 9,300 words to my book and I hope you enjoy my lucky 13th Tip on Small Business Marketing and Management. Thank you from Edward Zia!

13. No Dawg Eat Dawg – Karma will pay you a visit!

Even though this post’s topic may seem quite obvious, I need to state it clearly as you get a huge chunk of people that just don’t think this way at all. In my business experience (especially in the Networking Scene) most people are awesome and very caring. That is, let’s say you buy a Website from someone – they will charge you a fair price and work hard for you.

I have been very lucky to work with this Brand Strategist & Design Specialist by the name of Chris Waters. He runs his own boutique agency and I would have known him for a few years in the Sydney Business Scene. When I first met him, you could tell “He is a good guy” and over time as I have worked with him more – he is totally driven by the “Win / Win”. That is, whenever he interacts with the Market (be it Hiring people or serving his own clients), there is always great fairness flowing from him in either direction.

In another example opposite to Awesome Chris – this so called “Man” I knew for a few years. He was always unreliable, but I thought he was “Okay” and one time he asked to work with me. We started working together to an “Okay” start and then about 6 weeks into our engagement he all of a sudden the day before an appointment said “I want to put us on hold and I am not going to pay your bills on time – it will take a few months”. I was like “What?” – the week before he was telling me how great I was and then out of nowhere he just started manipulating me. It was really mean and I just finished up with him, asked for my money and distanced myself from him. As “Karma is a bitch” if anyone would ask me about him, I would tell them the upfront truth (putting aside ethics, this guy wasn’t too clever. Trying to rip off a Networking Leader is not a good move!). Surprise, Surprise we don’t see this guy too much. His lack of ethics and abuse of me only resulted in lack of goodwill for him, reputation damage and worse – he wasn’t very nice to other people as well (meaning no more business for him).

Going back to Chris Waters, the direct opposite. Ethical, Kind, Reasonable and Karma works in his favour – he is treated with respect, professionalism and courtesy. As well and being a cool guy! This of course brings me to my next insight:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #13:

“You get back what you put out. So put out Awesomeness, Kindness and Help!”

Sounds so simple, yet so true and profound! I only wish more people would think this way, so if you are reading this I bet you are awesome and we are on the same page for sure!



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    • You are so awesome Chris Waters and thank you. Love your work and brilliant business integrity! Keep it up big man.

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