As Sam Worthington has done on Camera and Off Camera Lately - Sometimes you have to stick it to the system, pure and simple!

As Sam Worthington has done on Camera and Off Camera Lately – Sometimes you have to stick it to the system, pure and simple!

9,893 words now can’t wait till I break 10,000 in my next tip! Hope you enjoy this one I have written 11PM on a Monday night.  This one has been bugging me to come out in words all week and hope you love it! Thank you from Edward Zia x x

14. Think like you are in “The Resistance”

In coming from an “Employee Minded” family – starting a business was really against the thinking / training I had was when I was brought up. I was all about top grades, getting a great job and somehow the Corporation will look after me. The Corporation certainly failed me in that regard eventually rewarding my hard work and dedication with unemployment and leading to conditions causing me to lose almost everything I had (I had my health and my training thank God so I could rebuild better than ever!).

I am all for “Good Grades” and education and what is important to me is where that energy is channelled. I am very lucky to be a Volunteer Business Advisor to some student bodies at Macquarie University (in Sydney, Australia) working with some amazing students. I often speak to hundreds of them at a time on a range of topics, mostly Marketing, Business Networking and Entrepreneurship.

Even though there are many students studying very hard, a great chunk of them are acting out of more of an entrepreneur type of an agenda and not getting “Screwed” in the Corporation like I did for many years. Perhaps it was my own bad judgement for maybe not working for the right companies or letting people walk over me – but let me say this, I am glad to be in my new life today.

For many people who was like myself in Corporation still working out how to go full time – or even in business, but very stuck and surrounded by people not supporting them, I think that it’s critical as per my earlier writings to think like a “Resistance Guy / Girl”.

Where I am coming from in this case is the importance of really thinking independently and creatively. Although this sounds very “Obvious” on the surface and is arguably a cliché – the reality is that this implies going against possibly people around you. This could be current bosses if you are still at work, or let’s say you are in business and your friends / family isn’t supporting you. In order to succeed in this scenario, you have to be a Resistance Character to fight how people around you are squeezing you and not living your dreams.

I know of some amazing women out there who are working very hard at creating new businesses for themselves. Taking risk, putting themselves out there and guess what? Their husbands are sabotaging them at every step. Be it open force saying “You can’t do that” to the more subtle, manipulative and darker forms of trying to make them fail – it’s really bad and I am dead against it. My advice to these women is pretty much the “Resistance” angle and telling their pathetic husbands how the world works and that they must support their hard working wife’s dreams and intent. Earlier on in my own business I had so many people telling me I would fail and it wouldn’t work.

Almost all of these people failed in their own businesses and I am around today to write me book, bringing me to my next insight:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #14:

“It’s Awesome being a Productive, Headstrong Rebel with a Cause!”

So if you are being pushed around, squeezed and unsupported like I was once – may I suggest it’s time for an uprising! As much as I wish visualization worked all the time, reality kicks in and sometimes there are just mean people standing in our way. Stop them and don’t let them kill your dreams and your righteous reward for your awesome hard work!



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  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging
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