We all can drop the ball in business, marketing and life at times! No problem with that, just pick it up before someone grabs hold of it!

We all can drop the ball in business, marketing and life at times! No problem with that, just pick it up before someone grabs hold of it!

8,700+ words and loving how the book is coming along.  Hope you enjoy this tip awesome friends!

12. Keep Your Eye and Hand on the Ball!

Including myself once a upon a time – I have seen many Awesome Small Business Owners undo themselves very quickly by losing control of a given relationship, situation or worse – their whole business. In the years I have been working away I have come to realize that Small Business has lots of moving parts and variables.

From getting up in the morning, to keeping your clients happy, to making sure they are paying, to using social media, to buying new toner for your printer and working out on your own how to get the upper hand in tricky situations – there are lots of balls you have to hang onto!

Sure you create process, delegate and all that – but you still have to have really good perception to keep an eye on the health of your business. I have seen people really “Drop the Ball” in a large way in this area with some unfortunately common examples:

• Not Selling when they are busy: Dangerous! Your billings for the month may look wonderful, but if your Marketing Pipeline isn’t full then you are up for a whipping.

• Being Deceived: This happened to me a lot when I started my business, be it someone pretending to be my friend to get referrals and help (then bailing on me after they cleaned me out), to people not paying their bills and stretching you – it’s critical to see deception playing out before you and countering it.

• Work Life Balance: You tell me one person that does this well and it benefits them. If a client has a problem and you have to stay up all night fixing it, are you going too in order to keep the client? (Derp!)

I have been all negative Nancy but I have some good news! At the start things are very hard, but as you get used to things our sub-conscious minds do one outstanding job of collecting all the information and helping us on Auto-Pilot. It takes time and effort to get there, but once we do it rocks! Thus this brings me to my next insight:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #12:

“Keep a Strong Hand on the Ball and Never Let it Slip!”

Earlier on in my business, I had this person really hurt me on a close emotional level. I did nothing but invest in helping them get ahead and it was all a rouse to get referrals and free support from me. I dropped the ball at the time and it cost me! The great news from this experience is that it has given me a close eye for deception and I found that many of my friends and clients have had similar issues – so I could now help them considering I was “Qualified” in the matter.

If you do drop your “Ball” for even a split second then kick your adrenaline into action and pick it up! Make sure you do before someone else and learn the great lesson God (yeah God x x) is teaching you to make you Tougher, Smart and more Awesome!



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