Having a clear earnings goal for 2017

More earnings of course help you buy cool stuff...

More earnings of course help you buy cool stuff…

I spoke to a new client yesterday and it was a great conversation. They are a friend one of my longest serving clients and it we spoke about their business and their goals for 2017.

What floated my boat here was that there were numbers on it. They are after a clear 30-40% year on year growth in their business. This ironically is similar to what I achieved in 2016 and the plan for my 2017.

So far so good! I need to keep the pressure on and what I like about this awesome character is that they have a great goal with a strong stretch on it.

What I found with a few conversations I have had is that people are recalcitrant to put numbers on their goals. I can understand that actually as I used to be totally scared of doing that in terms of the ‘failure’ I would feel if I say didn’t achieve it.

One of my clients asked me about coming up with their vision for 2017, mine was to not only have a vision – but put numbers on it in terms of clients you shall attain.

This is critical thinking in that when we don’t put numbers on our own goals, then it can be very easy to slide back into autopilot chill-out mode. After all, we want to chill out right? And why bother going to that Chamber event tonight? Putting out posts on Facebook about our business? No one will read it right.

Of course I am trolling with some of those remarks and I find that putting numbers on your goal keeps you motivation and on the straight and narrow. For example, let’s say I ‘feel tired’ or some lame excuse is coming into my mind trying to talk me out of going to a Chamber Event where I get lots of clients.

My own internal reply to that is “Well, do you want to achieve your 30% growth goal or not?”

If I don’t have that growth goal, then it’s easy for one’s mind to perform mental gymnastics to come up with a great reason of who you don’t have to do something.

My advice and thinking? Please have a growth / earnings goal in your business friends! It may be by clients, revenue or a percentage based on last year (which is my personal favourite).

Do it, do it now and make sure it’s part of what you do.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay profitable friends!

Edward Zia