A Facebook Photo of the Card I sent to Awesome Mark Finch that I put up.  Lucky to work with Awesome People.  Yeah!

A Facebook Photo of the Card I sent to Awesome Mark Finch that I put up. Lucky to work with Awesome People. Yeah!

I am a lucky man to have a high end operator like Mark Finch engage some of my Personal Marketing & Business Mentoring Services.  Technically Brilliant, Heart of Gold and you can tell he is someone who is serious about helping people (and making an awesome buck for himself in the process).

I have reflected on some of the awesome heroes and villains I worked with in 2013.  As I always say, most people are awesome – but you get that odd rat-bag every now and then that just does mean things to you and tries to clean you out.  Referral Partners taking and not giving, people not paying you, trying to use you for free consulting and all that type of fun.  BUT then you meet the majority of Awesome People (like Mark as the hero of the article).  They are just normal people like you and me, kind, awesome, hard-working and busy trying to help people and their own families.

For not just me, but talking almost everyone successful in business – they have their share of people just doing the wrong thing by them.  I had a few people business wise rip me off last year, but what hurt more was more so called “Friends” who just hung around long enough to get stuff from me, then turfed me and moved on afterwards.  Sure it hurt at the time and writing about it can bug me – but many of these people that did that to me aren’t anything but successful.  Generally if someone will do that to me, chances are they have done that to 10 x other people – and you know to steer clear of them.

Talking more with clients that are the “Wrong Ones”, I have seen some awesome people just get taken advantage of.  This lovely woman in the 4Networking Global LinkedIn Forum was telling a hurtful story of a big company not paying her when they had more than the means and it was her own personal livelihood on the line.

Now talking the positive, when you work with Awesome People (like Mark) it’s all the other way around.  You get more results with them, they pay you on time, you are happy, they are happy, they refer to you great people and life is just good and rocking.

It’s very easy for me to say now “Just work with Awesome People”, but I think reality kicks in as well.  If you have just started out and you are fighting against rising bills, can you be as picky? OF COURSE NOT! This is especially true in Professional Services.

However, I think as you can build your base, then the case for just taking on Awesome Clients is critical.  In short:

– They Pay on Time (if at all).

– They will make you feel good.

– They will promote you.

– They will work with you.

– They are reasonable.

– You will want to give them “More” and be happy about it.

– You aren’t wasting your time with the Bad people!

– You are investing your time in Awesome People!

My advice if you have a few scum-bags around you? Don’t do what I did in 2013 and get upset about them.  Just walk away and move on! Life is short and plenty of Awesome Fish in the Sea!

And speaking of Awesome, make sure you check out my Awesome Marketing Vault – full of Natural Marketing Goodness for Small Business Owners!

Thank you for the read and 10:53PM as I close this blog, time for my beddy byes!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Indefatigable Persian who loves blogging late at night x x



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