Staying Healthy as a Small Business Owner Assualt Pack! My $40 of goods and I was chowing them down Wynyard like a Druggy x x

Staying Healthy as a Small Business Owner Assualt Pack! My $40 of goods and I was chowing them down in Wynyard Park (Sydney CBD) like a Druggy x x

8:57PM and my Throat is Itchy! No Gym Tonight! Once I set this post to come out the following day I am so jumping into bed to try and stop my “Throat Itch” into becoming a full sickness!

As much as I love being an Awesome Small Business Owner and I am SO GLAD to be rid of my old Corporate Life, getting sick when you are flying Solo can be a difficult thing.  Sure, you have Staff / Contractors / Help as do I, but getting sick can really slow things down!

About 4 days ago, I felt the slight itch in my throat and if I work way hard, it gets more – and if I slow down, it gets way less.  So for me, I have been eating the throat lozenges and plenty of immune system boosting herbs to keep me up.

I am pretty healthy these days anyway so don’t tend to get sick (touch wood), but talking more about what I see about town as a Small Business Marketing Mentor – sickness can be a very dangerous thing for business owners!

Extreme situations can be insured for yes (i.e. say you get Income Protection against cancer, broken bones and serious injury), but I find it’s the “Light / Uninsurable” cases that can be problematic.  A few months ago before a webinar I lost my voice! Not a good move!

I have seen people stuff up presentations, miss critical meetings, avoid speeches, lose big clients, all because they didn’t manage their health and got sick at the wrong time!

My lesson and advice from all this? If you are getting the symptoms on like I am right now – please slow down and rest! I so am about to hit the bed real soon to recover in style and hit life and work hard tomorrow.

And of course if you do have a day off in bed, make sure you visit my Awesome Marketing Vault and learn Top Stuff while you are recovering (I love getting that in! x x).

Thank you from Edward Zia!

Marketing Mentor with an itchy throat – touch wood I am okay tomorrow!



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