The scoreboard is the ultimate truth of performance (Image Credit - Right Side Broadcasting)

The scoreboard is the ultimate truth of performance (Image Credit – Right Side Broadcasting)

If you are connected with me on Facebook, it won’t take you long to figure out I am a massive Donald Trump fan. I was a fan of him far before his whole foray into helping rebuild America and since he has entered the political arena – my ‘fan love’ for him has at least tripled.

What I find interesting about this whole issue is that you have people and the media really distorting what he is saying – and even beyond that, making up false quotes of what he says to spread lies over the internet.

You have lots of people talking about him, even his competitors can’t stop talking about him (I wish they would figure out that by talking about him, they are promoting him – they should just play their own game).

Anti Trump / Anti America, Pro Trump / Pro America or whatever the case maybe, you have to look at the scoreboard in that it doesn’t lie. He has a historical track record of results, he has worked with the political arenas for years and the figures show (at least in the Republican Camp) that the majority love him.

You can say what you want, but that doesn’t diminish what the scoreboard says. This whole situation has got me thinking about results and what results means.

With last nights blog, I hit a nerve in talking about people that have less results than say me – but are happy to criticise me, downplay me and I bet if I gave them advice, they would take it with anything but positivity.

My big lesson has been with results. If you don’t have the results, you are open to criticism and you should take it and listen. A lot of my life I didn’t have results and from that viewpoint you should be open.

If you are getting results, yes you hear what is being said, but logically that should diminish those who are giving the advice.

Let’s put it this way, someone in a given area (say one of my fitness clients like Liz) is way better than me. If Liz came along and gave me some fitness advice – I would shut up, seriously listen to it and improve (and she is awesome).

However, if someone really overweight and sick came along to give me fitness advice, would I be a smart man if I took it? Of course not, that would be pure stupidity at work.

My advice friends? Scoreboards don’t lie. If yours isn’t looking good, Survive, Adapt Win. If yours is looking good, really be careful who you listen too. While you are at it too, those who are behind you in your area of winning – make sure you help them along.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this with those it can help and please stay awesome!

P.S. Image Credit and thanks to Right Side Broadcasting. Appreciate it.



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