The Facebook Advanced Advertising Platform is lots of fun, with almost endless tweaking and monitoring.  Need more clicks cheaper I say!

The Facebook Advanced Advertising Platform is lots of fun, with almost endless tweaking and monitoring. Need more clicks cheaper I say!

The last few weeks of my business have been quite exciting! My Awesome Marketing Vault 3.0 is out as of this week and I have been spending lots of time learning the Advanced Advertising Features of Facebook.

Basically what I am doing is using the Awesome Program “Leadpages” to create say Email Sign Up Pages to say invite people to Webinars and join my database – and use decent Facebook Ads to send traffic there.

Where the fun of the advanced side of Facebook Advertising comes in is that you have multiple images.

The lovely Jude and I were having a conversation about the advertising platform and it reminded me of my old Corporate Days as a Marketing Manager.

When you are in business for yourself like Jude and I, you mostly do lots of working trying to Market yourself in an Online Sense.  Some things work, some things don’t and you are forever tweaking.  As it’s your own money and your own self – you really don’t care about what people think of you.  Marketing is a complete artform so you got to win / lose and keep tweaking.

The image above is the one that Jude loves and “WANTS TO WIN” in terms of being the most attractive to click on in Facebook. So far it’s not and she is like “RATS – BUT I WANT IT TO WIN”.

Even though we are just having fun and a friendly chat and joke about it – I remember in the Corporate Scene this is not the case at all.  Let’s say you are running a Marketing Department and you have a “Good” boss give you an idea and it doesn’t work.  The “Good” boss it the sort of guy / girl that says “Oh well, it was worth a shot!”.  I have had many great bosses in my time.  Mike Davey from Wrest Point, John Voudouris from my old Henkel Days, Garry Schmoll who was my boss when I worked in the Laboratory and the like – amazing people!

I have had my share of “Evil” bosses too and where they are unlike the “Good” Bosses.  Let’s say they give you an idea, you disagree with it, you do it, then it doesn’t work and they come and blame you! This happened to me many times in my Marketing Career and I remember in one job, I had an Evil Boss do exactly that.  They made some suggestions that cost us a big promotion and would have cost the company at least $100,000 in blown costs and lost revenue.

As you can imagine, the “Evil Boss” wasn’t one to take ownership of this failure and it became a massive political issue. They blamed me, my staff and it creates a lot of problems for morale and the company.  All the guy had to do was say “Oh Well” and it would have be fine (In the end I left and a lot of people left – and years later I found out their Marketing Strength was miles behind what we delivered).

My lesson and advice from this? Be it Facebook or whatever, in Marketing you are going to have Wins / Losses all the time.  It’s the nature of the beast as you aren’t just adding numbers together – you are coming up with creative ideas non-stop and testing them.  Nothing wrong with being “Wrong” – the trick is to admit it, keep working away and make it better.

Hope you enjoy these thoughts and thank you for the read from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Crazy Persian!



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