From Writing about Cats, to Losing Weight, to Engineering Equipment, to my own Sales and Marketing - Blogging is one of those great all time techniques!

From Writing about Cats, to Losing Weight, to Engineering Equipment, to my own Sales and Marketing – Blogging is one of those great all time techniques!

Whenever I blog about blogging, you will know I always use the same type of thinking to justify why I think Blogging is Awesome. It has been revolutionary for my own business from a range of perspectives.  It has helped me position myself as a Thought Leader, I have had so many new clients that have found me first through my blog, it’s helped me get plenty of speaking opportunities and I love it.  Also, the fact you are reading this article means it does get engagement and works!

Blogging has been around since the start of the internet more or less and when I originally chose to Blog I did a lot of research on the topic.  Blogging in simple terms is based on the idea of a “Web Log” (hence Blog) and it’s a great way of publishing articles every day you like where you have 100% Control.

I have found that it’s really important that you blog on topics of interest to your market that relate to your services (from a commercial viewpoint).  That is, as I do Small Business Sales & Marketing – I often write my articles about this topic talking about my own mistakes, wins and findings in this area.  Thousands already follow my blog after about 8 months of daily blogging which is I am really surprised and proud of.

As days have only 15 hours (assuming sleep) – I found very quickly that once your days get full, you just can’t “Work Harder”.  You need a form of Marketing that works without your direct time / physical input.  Writing awesome blog articles from my point of view has been amazing in that regard.  Every day I have great blog articles going out through say Facebook, LinkedIn and people are finding them through Google Searches. Blogging is a great Search Engine Optimization Technique (one of the best actually) and it’s allowed me to get high amounts of great people finding them. I am forever touching people without having to be in the room and it’s “Evergreen” – that is, once the content is up, it’s up forever!

You also then can put the blog in your own site, say offer online products that give you a great “Residual / Product Sales Income” which is really important especially if you are say a Coach, Mentor, Consultant or someone that exchanges time for money.

Blogging does take a bit of time getting used too, but once you “Get into the flow” it’s one of my favourite Small Business Marketing Strategies in combination with Business Networking, Facebook, LinkedIn and building your Referral Networks.  I can take a bit of time too, but overall I love it and do it as I feel it’s a great, high value and productive way of spending my time.

My advice? If you like the idea of blogging start trying it.  Work out what you do, your angle, what you like to talk about and start doing it.  I blog every day, but even blogging once a week is great and very powerful as well. Like my own, your original articles won’t be the best – but as you do it more you will sound better and better.

Contact me if you have any questions on this awesome topic – Blogging is fun and I love it!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Funtime Blogger.

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