One perhaps not so brilliant way of curing fear?

One perhaps not so brilliant way of curing fear?

Fear! Fear! Oh no – big and scary!

Even typing this out makes my hair stand on end – even though I am really taking the mickey out of it.  In my own business on many occasions I have at times been paralyzed by fear.  Sleepless nights, being really anxious, stressing my friends out (thank you so much Simona, Edward and Jenny!) all to find out “Why on earth was I like that?”.

Fear to me is a very strange emotion in the respect of it’s importance.  Even though I am considered by many to be a successful entrepreneur, I deep down sometimes don’t feel that especially when up against a great deal of adversity or when one takes a knock in their business.

Fear again is strange in that originally I used to be “Real Chicken” of everything and did whatever I could not to feel fear! The reality of this move, I did some very stupid things and lost all of my money and destroyed my life.

Fear is almost that contradiction type of emotion, you need a healthy dose! One extreme is pure Ego / Reckless Behaviour  with the other extreme Poor Self Esteem / Anxiety & Paralysis.

The big thing I have learn as a business owner personally and seen play out hundreds of times with the people I have worked directly is the critical importance of getting the balance of “Reckless Vs Anxiety” balance right. This is much easier said then done and I think in many cases it’s natural to go from one extreme to the other!

In terms of when my business talk a big knock in 2011 and even when I launched the Awesome Marketing Vault, it gave me some big insights here into myself and the Pro’s and Con’s of fear.  If you are up against it, I think it’s very important to listen to it in that of giving you signals to do something about it, but when you have – the other side is that you relax and try to take it easy.

Also, I like to remind myself and fearful clients that this happens to everyone! We all feel fear and anxiety which is great – it means we care! But of course, don’t let it take over like I have to me all the time.

Hope you enjoyed this one and a big thank you from Edward Zia!


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