‘Being on the same Wavelength’ as your IDEAL CUSTOMERS

Life and business just better with those on the same wavelength. Love your work Nickolas Tieu!

Life and business just better with those on the same wavelength. Love your work Nickolas Tieu!

If you have been to any of my events or read any of my materials, you would have noticed that one of the earliest points I make about Marketing is that it’s not about getting clients; it’s about getting PROFITABLE high value clients.

Where this observation can be most easily made is quite often luxury stores. Head into an Audi, Tiffany, Prada or LV store and within 30 seconds you will see the calibre of people that shop there. It’s not the ‘average’ person on the corner, but a given minority that have the bent, money and desire to go after premium goods of that nature.

Bringing it back to our own businesses, it’s critical that we have exactly the ‘right’ type of clients coming our way. There are many ways of establishing that with anything from style, job title, age, location, earning capacity, business size and more; however, I would like to focus on one key element that doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves:

  • “Being on the same Wavelength”

This saying is a reference to basically having a shared and natural understanding with someone in that you both ‘understand’ each other with this implying there is a natural rapport and connection. If I think of my most wonderful friends, we are all on the ‘same wavelength’ to closer degrees. If I think of people I don’t get along with, it’s the direct opposite.

I was very lucky to meet up with emerging leader and entrepreneur Nickolas Tieu and we just understood each other. We shared many similar views, have similar objectives with arguably a similar view of what ‘success’ means.

Guess what? We got along and the guy is wonderful! When people are like ourselves or how we want to be it’s very easy to like them. These are the easiest people to work with in that it transcends the ‘buyer / selling’ traditional relationship in that you can work on a deeper trust based level and get more done.

My advice and thinking? There are lots of aspects that define an ideal customer but one of them is how you get along with people. Our Sales success comes from “Meet, Like, Know & Trust” and the last thing any of us want to do is do business with people that we don’t like or vice versa. Nothing is better than doing business with wonderful friends and that is how the high rollers roll.

Business is hard enough as it is, so we may as well be surrounded by wonderful friends. That makes the difference on many levels including profitability.

If you have lots of high value clients that you love then bravo from me! If you don’t, time to Market & Sell hard and get in the next generation of ‘awesome’.

Love your work, thank you for the read, you rock Nickolas Tieu and stay awesome friends!