Brilliant, Kind, Considerate and Gets Automation - Eli Huang is a Natural Health Therpaist who will be using her skills for good in exposing those 'Pharmaceutical Companies!'

Brilliant, Kind, Considerate and Gets Automation – Eli Huang is a Natural Health Therpaist who will be using her skills for good in exposing those ‘Pharmaceutical Companies!’

Hello Awesome People!

When one succeeds and gets some serious traction in the marketplace, it doesn’t take long till you are busy and overloaded.  This happened to me a good year or two ago and the only way I could get growth again was through Automation, Growth and Improvements in my business.

Even though I have always been an advocate and leading by example with Leverage & Automation, it wasn’t until recently meeting an amazing Business Automation Specialist and VA Leader by the name of Kristy Smith that put me into overdrive here.

Kristy really reinforced some great ideas when I wrote about her previously in that you can basically work 80 hours a week for 200 years and if you don’t have processes / people working underneath you, “One shall be limited in their growth”.

Following on from that and increasing my own priority of automation in my own business has been awesome from many viewpoints. Firstly, it allows me to deliver more value to my clients & secondly – it earns more money in a sustainable manner.

Digging that little bit deeper into this topic was meeting with the awesome Natural Health Expert & “Pharmaceutical Company Critic” Eli Huang. She is a powerful, dynamic, integrity driven and incredibly considerate practitioner who owns several Acupuncture & Beauty Clinics who is going hard with the automation & leverage too.

Eli is incredible at what she does, is in heavy demand and has little time on her hands right now. Like Kristy & Myself, her life is going through the awesome transition of creating systems, people & processes that help people beyond her own physical ability of time for money. It’s very interesting to watch and one amazing credit to give her is how she just “Gets It”.

Many people can just focus on “Oh it costs money and I must do it all myself”.  This thinking is maybe okay for a short while, but once you are busy – this approach collapses very quickly. Unless you are willing to invest in say staff, outsourcing, processes or the like – you can very quickly end up losing more money out of opportunity loss that you would have spent paying someone to help you expand. Kristy Smith is great from a business automation viewpoint where a “Crazy Persian” like myself is great from the Marketing & Business Growth viewpoint.

Bringing it back to Eli, Kristy & the like – they get it. Automation, Leverage & Expansion are key concepts that work beautifully when implemented and correctly.

My advice & thinking? Get your business stable, healthy & rocking – then invest in processes to expand. You will love it and it shall give more to your clients.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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