Always reinventing yourself

You always wanna stay relevant...

You always wanna stay relevant…

One key observation for my own business and many of others is how growth tends to occur in steps. Our business is at a given level, we make some changes and then it grows!

Then what can happen is that growth can slow down or even stop. In my own business, it’s grown a lot lately and I can sense that my growth is ‘slowing down’ a little bit which I of course don’t like.

When growth slows down it’s time to start asking hard questions about how you can tweak things to keep it moving and growing in the right direction.

For example, I have found through results that my business succeeds on meeting new people, staying connected with dozens of people a day, putting our great content and having nice full workshops.

As I have been sensitive to what is really working; it feeds into how I must reinvent myself to keep growing and keep winning.

I have learned that the worst thing you can do in business is keep it static. Of course, you must keep consistent, but you also need to be questioning your own game in terms of how to improve things.

For me, I have taken my workshops to the next level and really focused on staying personally connected with people and it just works. This keeps my business growing and I totally love!

My advice and thinking friends? Keep asking yourself what is really working in your business and do more and more of that. If something isn’t working, pull back on it and focus on what really matters.

As we do more of that, things just go our way and our business works more.

Keep reinventing yourself and what you do! Always.

Love your work, like share and enjoy!