Acting on your creative impulses ASAP

You just never known when you crack a great idea. Get it out! (Image Credit, Fallout + Vault Boy)

You just never known when you crack a great idea. Get it out! (Image Credit, Fallout + Vault Boy)

It was about 4AM Saturday morning where I woke up literally in a sweat. For the past week I had been driving myself insane to improve my Facebook Marketing Video’s and the content I post everyday.

I wracked my brains, drove myself slightly insane, tried some things that didn’t work – then I gave up and gave myself a break on it.

Then came the creative breakthrough! I got the idea on how to do my Facebook Marketing Video add much better in terms of making it 30 minutes, giving a lot more information and taking people on more of an informative journey.

I then realised I have to act on this idea ASAP; if I don’t, I may forget about components of it, I may delay it and worst case – perhaps not even act on it. I then got up early Sunday morning, drove myself to the Sydney Harbour Bridge (where I do my filming) and got right to work.

The video is now on my desktop, it’s 1.5 gig and ready to be uploaded to Facebook. I am pumped! It’s done. I can get it out there and test my idea too see if I improved things or went off track. Things are moving ahead and like always, you must work on the business to improve things.

If you check out the cool image I have in there, it’s ‘Vault Boy’ from the Fallout Video Game series. I love it and basically in that game – you are in a post nuclear wasteland searching for survival. If you get a great idea, you have no time to waste. You must act on it now or ye shall perish!

My advice and lessons? Creative impulses rarely arrive on your own schedule, but when they do act on them fast. I have had many creative ideas that I have never acted upon and I have known hundreds of people to tell me great ideas – but years on they are never released. Also too, imagine if it works big? You shall success just that bit faster.

I think what happens is that if we don’t act on our creative ideas and we delay; it then goes into the mental ‘too hard basket’. The excuses we make for weeks then turn into months and eventually life gets in the way.

The solution is to act ASAP on your ideas. Not all of them will work! This video I did this morning may not work at all, but you just never know (it could be the next one I do that hits big).

Get your work done ASAP and your ideas out there. People will just love it.

Stay awesome, thanks for watching – and keep an eye on your Facebook for what comes out next from me!