I did it! I thought about too much at once today and freaked myself out. It happens to the best of us at times and it's great to snap out of it quickly and work our way to a great awesome day!

I did it! I thought about too much at once today and freaked myself out. It happens to the best of us at times and it’s great to snap out of it quickly and work our way to a great awesome day!

Awesome People! You got me! I won’t sit here and lie to you and make out I am totally invincible and all that (as if I ever have?). I am extremely human and many people often ask me “Edward! How on Earth do you stay so positive all the time?”

The truth is that I don’t (although I try my best too) and even though I put on my whole “Ex-Government Agent” act, I can get really freaked out and scared even at the best of times.

For me right now there is a lot of positive change and upheaval in my life.  I have had a business grow, working through picking up a property now, had a fiance & a potential new family move me on, made some fantastic new friends and even started working on new initiatives in my business & life.

I woke up with a lot on my mind, didn’t sleep a lot (with a webinar last night) and I had to group lead the Awesome 4Networking Chatswood. An awesome new friend who I have connected with and we are speaking a lot (you know who you are, shall remain nameless but know I think you are wonderful) has witnessed some of my high’s & low’s lately and been very kind and supportive.

Right before 4Networking Chatswood, I actually got really nervous and started freaking out. Totally nervous. As an accomplished public speaker this just doesn’t happen to me at all and I was totally out of the zone. I pulled myself together, led the group and for the rest of the day I had nothing but amazing / awesome clients and people to meet.

The stress / fatigue / to so many changes in my life, basically gave me a mini “Panic Attack” this morning and I was so scared and uncertain. Right now, I am a bit flat / very tired, but I feel good and well directed now (and shall be back to 100% tomorrow).

This experience made me reflect on the reality – there are times where things can get too much and we just freak out.

The good news is that I am quite used to freaking out and here are my “Top 7 Anti-Freakout Tips”

1) Accept you are freaking out: I realized quickly I was just panicking and my brain wasn’t working correctly.  This gave me perspective.

2) Focus on the moment / the job: I had to run a group of 20+ people and I had to pull myself together. I forgot all about my stresses and did it!

3) Don’t get into your emotions too much: At least in the heat of battle!

4) Control Body Language: I was fidgeting a bit attracting unwanted attention, I controlled that – and then started to fit in.  It also makes you feel better.

5) Focus on all being okay! I kept telling myself that and it helped.

6) Believe in God & a Divine Purpose: It does help.  Trust me on this one.

7) Know it’s short term! It doesn’t last forever.

So there you go! It can be overwhelming and it’s just great to remember it all passes when we stay focused.

Love your work, thank you for the read and enjoy your night / day.

P.S. Thank you to my “Awesome Friend” – you know who you are!

About the Now Relaxing Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Commentator and Authority that although he freaks out at times – he is known for great Sales & Marketing Strategies to help his clients get more awesome high value clients. Browse more blog articles to learn more and if you like what you see, check out his Premium Online Course / Community “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” >> Right here!

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  1. Belief in God yes!

    There are changes coming through that will have effect on us all.

    I’m glad you “self managed” today.


    • Thank you Awesome Alfred Bellanti! I certainly tried too and it was a hard one. But don eit and super happy 🙂

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