Right or Wrong - Good or Bad - Sometimes we get attacked for our views. This is great! Use it as motivation to get stronger, tougher and dig deeper for your unique perspective and take!

Right or Wrong – Good or Bad – Sometimes we get attacked for our views. This is great! Use it as motivation to get stronger, tougher and dig deeper for your unique perspective and take! (Thank you again to the Fallout Series for the great imagery!)

Hello Awesome People!

I can certainly tell you that God is sending me a Clear message right now in Terms of the Challenges he is sending me, i.e. “Edward, just be yourself and don’t worry about what anyone says”.

One great person I have to thank on this one is Grant Dempsey from 4Networking. I was very Lucky to work with him for years in helping Launch the 4Networking Series in Australia, and he always Mentored me and gave me Great Advice. One thing he always told me “Edward, sometimes people take a big s#!t on you from a great height because they are like that”.

It seemed to be Odd Advice Grant gave me at the Time, but as time Passed I found this Mentoring and thinking to be totally Great and Helpful (thank you Grant!) in Preparing me for what is yet to come. I have always Loved his Support and to me he is an Amazing Character – As time passes, I found this statement to be True. Not  only for me, but many others!

Beyond me, many of my Friends and Colleagues, are getting a Different Dosages of the Same Lesson with many of us Rising up to Overcome Critics. Stay Confident in your Believes and be Comfortable in Expressing our Views without Fear of Reprisal or the like.

I have had some people really Disagree with me and Attack my Ideas lately. It did really rattle my Cage at the start, (maybe for about 25 minutes) and now I am back in the Zone – more Determined than ever. Some of my Clients too, who got sadly Similar Treatment, have also Bounced back Hard on the Counter-Strike too which I think is totally Awesome.

For me, the more I have Pushed Against the “Negative Voices”, Embraced the “Positive Support” and gone for what I have Believed in – the more Profitable I am Becoming. It has really Forced me to Stop, Take Pace and Ask Why. Here are my 7 x Reasons of why it’s a Profitable move to “Be Yourself” and “Be Unique”:

1) Overcoming Tall Poppy Syndrome / Envy: If someone Feels Threatened or are Jealous of you, it’s Probably Fair to say that they don’t want you to Succeed (at least beating their personal best). Chances are their Advice (such as the Standard Put Downs) won’t be to your betterment. In fact, it will probably Damage you. Best to steer clear of these people.

2) Coming up with something different: “Different” means it has a Greater Chance of Standing Out. Sometimes with new Ideas, come Uncertainty and without Solid Stats, certain people might Attack what is Different to what they have or use for those reasons. As an Entrepreneur, your Focus is to Stand Out from the Crowd, show a Unique Selling Point, in order to Drive new Sales. Therefore, if you are Different and your Sales are up because of it, then – Awesome!

3) Being Attacked = You are Getting Attention: Sure we may want Positive Attention, but here is the Bright Side of things? People are noticing you. All Publicity is Good Publicity, That is definitely a Good thing!

4) The Feeling of Satisfaction: This is a Very Motivating Emotion. Just like overcoming Bullies, Naysayers, people who say you suck and still Succeeding means you’re doing the Right Thing. It Helps Free you of any Personal Limitations to please Everyone around you and I think its – totally Awesome!

5) Exploring to find your Unique Point of Difference: This one is Important! If you are too afraid to step out and try new Things because people “Trash you or Whatever”, there isn’t the Freedom to explore and find your Unique Difference in the Market. Don’t be Afraid to try that Idea you’ve always had in the back of your mind! It might just be your ticket to Wealth and Abundance.

6) It means you are Pressing a Button: If no one Notices your work / doesn’t care, that is actually really Bad. It means your marketing is general mediocre sucks! If you are getting a Response, then that is Great. It’s doing its Job, and yay!

7) Being Noticed = Effective Marketing = Greater Chance of a Sale: Purple Cow? The odd Colour plane? Of course you need to Stand Out, dur!

In short, you get the Commercial reasons for what I am saying. It’s easy to say this too and Dealing with the Emotions can be quite a challenge. Try not to take it too personally, and take a Logical Approach. Weigh out the Good and the Bad outcomes, Test and measure the Results and see the Outcome for yourself.

My advice & thinking? Push your Boundaries each day, if you get Attacked – Be prepared to Defend your Stand. the more you explain the “Why” behind it, the more Compelling your Story will be. Double your Posts and if someone Hates a point you made in your blog, make it Again the following day. Let your both your Critics and Awesome Fans Motivate & Inspire you to Stay True to yourself!

Trust this has been another Helpful Topic. For more savvy tips and to keep up to date with New Ideas to Market your Business, please sign up to the “The Awesome Marketing Vault

Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!




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