"The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia" - a Premium Online Course full of Awesome, Realistic and Workable Sales & Marketing Strategies!

“The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia”- Full of Great Sales & Marketing Ideas to help you get More High Value Clients and Make your Business Rock!

I love Sales & Marketing and as part of my ongoing thought and reflection I realized today that I have been working in the Sales & Marketing Profession for now 16+ years!

16+ years and I am only 36.  I remember after my Technical Days as an Industrial Chemist (I actually was) I was very lucky to get a massive break and start out in Technical Selling & Marketing.

The rest is history as the saying goes with studying my Post Graduate in Marketing and then one day getting a massive break into more high end Marketing Roles.

I started my business at the age of 32 and I loved it.

It took me a good year to get to a full client load and at the end of about the second year I started to answer the question:

“How can I help more people beyond my Consulting Work?”

As I considered this question and kept building what I was doing, I built workshops, seminars and worked on my Premium Online Course / Community, The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia!

I spent a great 12 months working on it and today it’s had many subscribe and benefit from the many Sales & Marketing Ideas to help one Get More Profitable High Value Clients!

If you are reading this article now, I thank you and you may be a fan of my work! I am very flattered if you are and I would like to give you the Business Case to consider becoming a Premium Subscriber to my Premium Online Community.  Here are my 7 x High Value Reasons:

1) Custom Built Content for Small Business & Owners and Entrepreneurs: If you are one or both of these, it’s full of Strategies + Ideas with Custom Content and Unique Ideas all built by myself.  It includes Videos, Templates, PowerPoint Downloads and covers a great array of topics.

2) It covers plenty of Areas: If you check out my main site with the details, it covers very common areas of Small Business Marketing which I work with my clients on.  This includes an Introduction to Small Business Marketing, Business & Marketing Strategy + Planning, Awesome Products & Services, Developing a Premium Quality & Image, The 90 Day Action Plan, Facebook & LinkedIn Marketing, Business Networking, Face to Face Selling, Pitching, Business Mindset and more!

3) I tell the Truth and the Whole Truth: I don’t sit here and tell you these great stories about some strategy that gets you all these thousands of leads.  I talk reality and give realistic results! Everything I teach I have either done myself or have clients doing it with awesome, profitable and verifable results!

4) I give detail and make it as easy as possible: I don’t just give vague remarks about “Oh go and out Sell More” but go into detail on core areas to make it powerful as possible for you to follow and get results.

5) I give you a 30 Day Guarantee from your First Purchase: From the first 30 days, you can claim a full no questions asked refund, even keeping what you downloaded.  I promise you will get value and if you don’t – you can keep all the content and the risk is on me!

6) I make regular at least updates to the content: I am making regular updates to the content with new videos, tweaks and the like. Sometimes I make several updates a month to make it as powerful for you as possible!

7) It’s very well priced and go as long or as little as you like: You can go for a month or even longer to suit you and your requirements.  I have priced it so essentially anyone can sign up and join!

I trust these reasons help and I invite you become a Premium Member of the Awesome Marketing Vault! >> Access it here! Love your work and thank you for your interest awesome friends.

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Commentator, Blogger and Leader in the 4Networking Australia Business Community.  He loves helping Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and is the proud developer of many materials designed to help one get More High Value Clients.  To learn more, feel free to Facebook or add him on LinkedIn.

Thank you for the read and Edward appreciates your support!



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