6 years later. They still haven’t got me. THANK YOU!

Love my six year anniversary in business friends. Thank you!

Love my six year anniversary in business friends. Thank you!

My cat meowed me up at 5AM (like he normally does) requesting breakfast and as I jumped on my phone, I went to check my email.

My inbox was 20+ full of messages from LinkedIn of people congratulating me on 6 years is business.

For whatever strange delayed reason; my brain took some time to process it and I thought:

– “Oh CAWD! I have made 6 years in business. Not bad for a guy that once lived in his car”

As I reflected on this achievement for my life, I went through mixed emotions. I spent a little bit of time thinking about the villains who have tried to stop me along the way, but it was mostly awesome people who helped me along the great journey.

It was those early clients that took a gamble on me, the kind business veterans that gave me hints and tricks, the people there to help me up after I feel over and of course the people today that support me, my growing family and who share my stuff on Facebook.

I say thank you to you all! I even thank the villains as well as the paragons. If it wasn’t for the evil villains, I wouldn’t have got anywhere near as savvy – nor would I have had the honest rage to get up again and get back in the ring for another round.

My lessons over the years my awesome friends? Keep going. Like Sly Stallone said in Rocky – you’re winning is defined in life by how readily you get back up after being knocked down.

I am honestly humbled and honoured. I have come along way from once sleeping in my car, working odd jobs for $12 / hour to buy food – to having an awesome life, amazing top of town clients and feeling like I have a new sense of life and contribution to make in the world.

In short, if you are reading this – you are part of my success. I love ya bro (and I mean that directed at both genders) and you all rock.

Stay awesome, thank you and more to come friends!