From Shooting Video Footage to Talking Strategy - Spending 5 hours talking to Martha today was time well spent!

From Shooting Video Footage to Talking Strategy – Spending 5 hours talking to Martha today was time well spent!

Martha Arifin and I have been busy lately. From speaking at events, to shared clients, to working on new concepts – we are almost on the phone every day discussing key ideas to make things happen.

Today we were very grateful to be key speakers at a Conference for an impressive large mid-tier firm. They had their annual conference in the Hunter Valley where we spoke on Business Networking, LinkedIn and key Marketing Ideas.

If you haven’t been, the Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s top Wine Regions with a global reputation.

It is a good 2.5 hour drive from Sydney (direct North) with Martha and I in the car to and from. It was quite fun actually and it was a very profitable experience spending some long hours with Martha planning, thinking, working through problems and in simple terms – helping people ‘become more awesome’.

I have been incredibly lucky to work with Martha over the years and today’s experience got me reflecting on not only how lucky I am to know her, but how other awesome people make us ‘more awesome’.

Over the past few years I have worked very hard to not only surround myself with the right people, but to be ‘the right person’ that others choose to surround themselves with. This has come from making decisions with ‘integrity’ as a key value paradigm behind it, putting ethics over profits and making a concerted effort to add value to the lives of others.

Much of this came to the surface in the drive with Martha today. We talked business, projects and also shared lots of stories as to the ‘crazy stuff’ we have seen on the mean & nice streets of Sydney. Both of us have had very shared experiences from people taking advantage of us, to helping us and in our time in business – we have seen lots of people come and go.

Many business people we have seen ‘go’ have commonly (and tragically) been shonky ones. A very common format is that people come in, use people like crazy and then have ‘karma’ pay them back when nobody will refer or hire them. On the positive too, ‘the awesome’ get endless referrals and support from others around them.

Our conversation bought many of these concepts up to top of mind and my advice & thinking from all this?

It’s not easy at times being ‘awesome’ and it certainly means different things to different people. My take of this term is being the best version of yourself and the more we strive to it is the more successful we become and also the more satisfaction we get out of life.

For me, my life used to suck because I used to suck. Taking my focus from helping myself to helping others has been paramount – I love what I do and I am lucky to have what I have.

Thank you for the read, love your work, keep at it, thank you Martha Arifin and of course Stay Awesome!



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