4Networking Chatswood with his extremely good looking Team is coming up for Launch 8AM Tuesday, 7th October 2014.  Love you to join Us!

4Networking Chatswood with this extremely good looking Launch Team is coming up for Launch 8AM Tuesday, 7th October 2014. Love you to join Us!

I am very excited to help announce the upcoming Launch of 4Networking Chatswood.  This is our Brand New Group on Sydney’s Fine North Shore and I am looking forward to this one big time.

Over the years of helping Grant & Karen Dempsey in 4Networking, I have been lucky to be part of many successful group launches.  In this case, Danny Vandine & Samaneh Bakhshi (from Upside Down Productions) and Paul Battaglia (from Digital Junction) have put in a crazy amount of work to get plenty of people ready for this launch.

If you are reading my blog post and you haven’t been part of 4Networking Previously, may I ask you to read on and consider visiting this fine group launch.  In short, “4Networking Australia” is from the United Kingdom which runs over 5000+ Networking Events per year.  These events generally take the form of 2 Hour Breakfasts than run from 8AM to 10AM.  It is 50% Social and 50% Business and is an Entrepreneur Support Group designed for SME’s.

After losing the lot during the Global Financial Crisis, 4Networking helped me generate my come back in life when I launched my Marketing Mentoring Business. From scratch it helped me build a 6-Figure Consulting Business and for many beyond me – it has helped create many success stories for start-ups.  For the established, it has been a great new Marketing Platform.  Beyond getting new clients for me, it has been outstanding for support, getting great suppliers and providing a safe / fun environment to test out new concepts.

If this is of interest to you, I’d love to invite you to:

4Networking Chatswood Launch:

– 8AM to 10AM.

– Tuesday, 7th October 2014 (Continuing each following fortnight).

– Cafe New York Grill, Upstairs 426 Victoria Avenue (Right near the Train Station – be careful, there is another cafe of similar name a few blocks away).

– Bring $25 and a Stack of Business Cards + a Smile!

4Networking is great, no referrals or invites required and it’s a fine relaxed group.  If you are interested, feel free to let me know so I can book you in or feel free to contact either of the heroes starting it up:

Danny Vandine – danny.v@upsidedown.com.au / 0402 846 563

Paul Battaglia – paulb@digitaljunction.com.au / 0417 756 466

Love your work and hopefully see you soon! Thanks from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and 4Networking Regional Leader.

P.S. To learn more, check out the 4Networking Australia Website Right here!



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