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LECTURING doesn’t work anymore!

Lecturing is so yesterday! People want their questions answered and to short cut their success! (Image Credit to PanJoyCZ)

Lecturing is so yesterday! People want their questions answered and to short cut their success! (Image Credit to PanJoyCZ)

When I started my business and ran Networking Events, Workshop and Spoke at events, I was lecturing in powerhouse style.

It was all about my message to the audience, having beautiful PowerPoints, getting my voice right, pitching and the like.

Subconsciously and consciously, my style has changed over the years especially over the past 18 months. People tell me all the time now that they are tired of being lectured!

I get that, everything is someone lecturing someone onto how to think. What I have found through running hundreds of events now is that people don’t want to be lectured anymore, they want:

–          To talk to you, have a real conversation, make friends and get their questions answered!

If you think about it, lecturing doesn’t deliver any of that. It gives information, but you can get that for free from YouTube.

What people are hungry for is the short cuts to success and wanting their own personal questions answered.

My advice and thinking? Give people that. Don’t just talk to the market. Talk with people, answer their questions and help them become strong and powerful with what you do.

I have seen this massive change lately in my own Seminars and Workshops. As I have dumped the lecturing and gone onto two-way discussion, it’s transformed everything, and people love it. Hence, I love it.

Two-way is everything my friends! Do it and WIN BIG.

Love your work, thank you for the read and smash that like and share friends!

Why my EASTER 2018 is way better than Easter 2017!

This is going to be me this Easter! (Image Credit and thanks too Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay)

This is going to be me this Easter! (Image Credit and thanks too Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay)

This Easter has been wonderful so far. I feel relaxed. Business is rocking. Family good. All happening and praise Jesus.

My last Easter was a tough one. It was when I worked through launching my Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program & Course on the Teachable Platform. My whole Easter was working on it and I was thinking about how life changing it’s been.

It helped me get all these new clients, earn an income in a far more passive (yet effective manner) and grow my community.

During 2017 to 2018, I also went to tons of Chamber Events, grew my own events, got straight into Meetup, cranked up my Social Media, got really fit and just CHANGED so many things and kept improving them.

All these moves gradually added up, hence my EASTER 2018 is just way better than last year. I want my EASTER 2019 to be even better.

My advice and thinking? Make sure you are behaving in a way that will make your next year much better than your life today. That most certainly has played out in my own life and love it. This requires dedication, love, lots of change and of course lots of winning.

But do it. You will love it.

Happy Easter, love your work friends and stay awesome!

You set the culture of your wonderful community!

Set your own culture by what you accept and not accept. It rocks and makes life fun and easy!

Set your own culture by what you accept and not accept. It rocks and makes life fun and easy!

Out of all the blogs I have ever written, this would easily be my latest starting it at 12:45AM.

Yesterday / last night, we had our second Meetup HQ event in Sydney and it was a massive build on our first and successful one.

As we had our outstanding meeting, there were lots of great ideas exchanged with one key reminder that came from the team:

  • “You set the culture of your wonderful community!”

The team was a group of highly motivated Meetup HQ organisers who each are successful in their own unique way. Everyone is different, our events are all different and I just loved how it all come together.

We spoke about what we like, don’t like and expect; with the key being the kind of experiences we set for our Meetup Groups. In my own groups, my values are based on being active, helpful, in the zone, supportive and loving the idea of winning.

As a result, it attracts people of a similar mindset that just rocks! Other people had their own values, with people who run business groups (like mine) to total social & dating groups. Regardless of what we do, by what we accept and not accept as Organisers determines what our groups shall become.

My advice and thinking? Build the groups in your image and set the culture that bests help’s everyone and is a win for you too. Don’t be anything you are not, as you want to bring yourself to the world.

I have done this in Profitable Marketing Meetup and it’s rocked! The more I am ‘myself’ is just the more I win and love it. Do it for yourself! Make your own Meetup Groups and Community your own, so you attract those right people you just want.

Love your work, thank you friends for coming, appreciate the read and THANK YOU Meetup for making this all possible!

How to work a wonderful Business Chamber!

British Chamber rocked and I love it. The secret to winning is to meet at least 10 people and follow up!

British Chamber rocked and I love it. The secret to winning is to meet at least 10 people and follow up!

Tonight, was a wonderful night at the wonderful Australian British Chamber of Commerce.

It’s an incredible Chamber that I do with also the incredible NSW Business Chamber full of wonderful people.

During this evenings event, I spoke to lots of first time visitors who are successful Corporates & Professionals that are Networking for the first time at an event of this nature. That is really cool, and I found myself helping lots of people tonight get started tonight.

In short, this is how you do it to win big:

–          Be nice to people.

–          Meet at least 10 people that night.

–          Swap Cards, Make Friends.

–          Add everyone that night on LinkedIn and follow up via email.

–          Call the ones you want to meet first thing in the morning and meetup!

That’s it actually! I can complicate more, but it won’t help. It’s how I do it and it just works.

My advice and thinking? Just do that I said. It will work. Trust me.

Love your work, stay awesome, happy networking and enjoy!

Learning money (and making more of it) with Wayne Wanders

Wayne Wanders made some cool points at his Meetup with this being my favourite!

Wayne Wanders made some cool points at his Meetup with this being my favourite!

I had a wonderful evening tonight with Wealth Expert Wayne Wanders at his Meetup Group “Improve the Health of Your Wealth”.

He created this fine concept #MeTooForTheMoney which is talking straight to women on how they can earn more money to live their lives and retire with comfort.

Even though the event was aimed at women, awesome men (including yours truly) were very invited to learn money. I totally loved it on many levels in that it was engaging, you had top exercises, Wayne gave great ideas and he was funny.

In the powerhouse time I have known Wayne, it was the first time I had seen his entertaining side and along with the crowd, we all loved it.

He made lots of great points and the favourite I would love to share with you all is a great quote from Will Smith:

  • “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like”.

I totally loved this on in that I have subconsciously (and not proudly) been caught up in this cycle before. Be it beyond money, feeling like I must “outdo” people who I not only don’t like, but buy “stuff” or do “stuff” that I don’t want to do.

I was quite a liberating statement for me to hear and I loved it on many levels.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to money, your life, what you buy, where you put your time and the like; make sure it’s on your own terms.

Competing with others for no reason other than dumb ego can be a real way to keep yourself poor and stupid, so stay out of it. I like to avoid people like this and make sure I never become the person that gets off on this type of thing.

Our money is important and whilst I am an abundance thinker knowing there is more out there, that doesn’t give us a blank cheque (lol) to go out there and waste our funds. Ultimately, we want to direct them to what matters most for us.

>> Great seminar tonight, Wayne Wanders rocks and check out his Meetup Group Here!

Love your work, stay awesome and thank you Wayne!

Be at your desk nice and early!

Being at your desk early makes work and life much easier. Highly recommended!

Being at your desk early makes work and life much easier. Highly recommended!

One of my extremely redeemable and powerhouse traits over the years has been getting to ‘my desk early’. This means that I am ready to start before work begins so I get maximum results fast.

For example, it’s Monday morning as I write this blog as I sit here at the beachside scenic Novotel Brighton Le Sands. I have a meeting here at 10AM with a wonderful client & friend, so I got up much earlier to skip the traffic and get here early.

It’s 8:04AM now and at 8:30AM I want to start making calls to check in with the wonderful community and get everything underway and winning big. By being here early, it allows me to skip lots of traffic, have some quiet time and when I get into my work; it’s a positive experience.

I always kicked butt and performed extremely well when I was a Corporate too with this trait. I made my employers lots of money, with some of them in the tens of millions and I loved it.

My advice and thinking friends? Be at your desk nice and early!

That of course maybe a physical desk, or a figurative one, but be ready to work before you are going to work. This sets you up to not only win big (as that is great), but to also have a great work experience.

No-one likes working when they are stressed out and our results are way better when we feel like it. Trust me. Learned this one well over the years!

Love your work, thanks for the read and have a great week friends!

Becoming wise with the right PROFITABLE lessons!

Of course I am a Jedi and not a Sith x x

Of course I am a Jedi and not a Sith x x

I have been in business for a good seven years now and I am starting to feel like I am becoming savvy. I still of course am learning every day and have been building my wisdom daily.

What got me thinking about this is how I come across to people. It was raining, I was on my way to the gym and did I have an umbrella? Well no, but I had a gym towel that I wore over my head. It really did protect me from rain (believe it or not).

As I investigated my phone for the potential of a great a selfie, I instantly though that I looked of ‘Jesus’. I totally love Jesus and thought it was funny, and like what I normally do, I uploaded it to Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter.

Even though I am a Star Wars buff (except some of the latest films), I never even thought of Jedi Knight let alone Jedi Master.

Everyone commented comparing me to Obi-Wan Kenobi, which I know is of course jesting, however for people to even put me into the same league as Obi-Wan was a great compliment.

I think a key reason that people instinctively did this was because of the wise lessons I have learned. What I mean by ‘wise lessons’ is learning the right thing from certain situations. Let’s say I make a mistake, which happens! There are many lessons I learn. A low value dumb lessons is “I am an idiot” or let’s say “it’s someone else’s fault”.  That will not make me wise and is moronic at best.

A high value lesson is more specific in relation to a deeper understanding of the issue, why I went wrong and of course how to win for next time. It would be more like “I need to slow down next time”, “I need to be more tenacious next time” or something more powerful like that.

My advice and thinking? When stuff goes against you or for you, learn the right lesson. Think about things in a positive, empowering and critical way so you can win big next time.

It’s not wisdom, it’s the right type of wisdom if you get what I mean ????

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you friends for putting me in the same category as one of the best Jedi Masters of all time!

Winning comes with changing the SMALL STUFF!

Always change the small stuff first. Creates the biggest change!

Always change the small stuff first. Creates the biggest change!

It’s been my Saturday and I have been working away. These days I have been working 6 days a week, with my Saturday’s being a mixture of PowerPoint, Emails and tidying up. I love to take Sunday’s off almost completely.

As I work through on Saturday’s, it’s usually the day where I make most of my tweaks and small yet, powerhouse tweaks. In my business the personal mentoring has rocked, workshops are great, however I wish I have got more people into my Awesome Marketing Vault.

You always get swings from month to month and it drives the changes and improvements.

Today has been interesting in that I have tweaked and already improved on many things:

–          New format for Profitable Marketing Meetup Newsletters.

–          New format for Email Newsletters.

–          Updated Live Webinar Presentations.

–          More Videos / Posts per Day selling the Awesome Marketing Vault.

On the surface, this may not sound like anything earth shattering, but it is. These little changes add up and they all stack on each other. In fact, I would say that small changes are the most powerful! Sure, we have some big breaks / massive changes now and then, but daily in most situations it’s all these little changes.

My advice and thinking? Look at what you are winning at and what needs work and make little ongoing decisions all the time. All these little improvements stack and I love it.

Make some yourself today! Remember, SMALL changes shall help you win BIG!

The Powerhouse Jamie Simpson and why I LOVE HIS WORK!

Jamie Simpson rocks. Watch this cool guy very closely!

Jamie Simpson rocks. Watch this cool guy very closely!

It was many years ago when I used to run evening networking events in a very different part of Sydney.

I was early on in my business, working hard, hardly working (not), and doing lots of work that has ended up becoming my winning model today.

During this wonderful time, I was very lucky to meet this very good looking and charismatic guy. We clicked, became friends fast and I learned of his dream; to start Ranger Jamie Tours!

Jamie Simpson and I worked together right from the early days and over the years this guy has taken over the place.

He has over 30+ rangers, educated thousands of students (probably tens of thousands by now) and he put up this very cool photo of him with and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

For the record, Gladys totally rocks, is awesome and is the like BEST PREMIER EVER and WHO SHALL EVER BE.

Jamie as well totally rocks, and therefore I love his work in that we can all learn a lesson or two from him:

–          He has high energy and sticks to the task.

–          Great person that loves his customers and team.

–          Jamie shall go for gold.

–          Only the best will do.

–          He rocks.

My advice and thinking? Follow Jamie Simpson very closely. He is a powerhouse guy on a mission.


“Your Network is Your Net Worth”

The more people you know the more powerful you become! (Image Credit and thanks to CJ on Central)

The more people you know the more powerful you become! (Image Credit and thanks to CJ on Central)

I have been hearing, thinking and acting heavily on the classic saying “Your Network is Your Net Worth!”.

It’s an extremely simple play on words, but it has such a profound meaning in practical application.

I had a fascinating lesson in how this plays out in business and life. This morning at Parramatta Station (on the way to Sydney CBD), I bumped into an old wonderful friend and as I was speaking to them I had a brainwave.

For my upcoming “90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing Workshop”, I had one spot left and I invited them. They said yes, and my Premium Workshop is now full (thank you friend for joining us).

This reminded me as to how networks work and how powerful they are. My business is successful because of all the awesome people I know, and it rocks!

My advice and lessons? Meet everyone! Go to events all the time! Meet lots of people!

As you make more powerful friends and get better connected, you shall become more successful. Be it for getting clients directly or say knowing the right people to get you on TV; all networking just matters.

Love your work, get out there and explore and remember this; “Your Network is your Net Worth!”

I’m off to the Coogee Chamber of Commerce tonight!

Pumped to visit the Coogee Chamber of Commerce tonight! Critical to meet new people!

Pumped to visit the Coogee Chamber of Commerce tonight! Critical to meet new people!

It was one of those rare Wednesday evenings where I actually have some time off! They are usually full of other events including NSW Business Chamber and client meetings.

Tonight, it’s all different. It’s open and I spent some time on the NSW Business Chamber website. They list events across Metro Sydney (for other Chambers too), and I saw this wonderful opportunity of the “Coogee Chamber of Commerce Wylies Sunset Networking Event”.

Coogee is a beautiful beachside suburb in Sydney’s East and I am totally pumped. Although I have heard only good things about Coogee Chamber, I have no idea what tonight’s event shall be like.

That is the perfect time to visit and explore! This may be a wonderful evening and I can tell you that I shall meet some amazing people. You never know the night you get a big break or something great happens.

My advice and thinking? Get out of your comfort zone and explore! I most certainly am tonight and it’s going to rock. You may see a great networking event come up in your area, get an invite from a friend or something goes down that you want to be part of.

Whatever you do, don’t stay in your old circles. Break out. Explore and make new friends.

I have made lots of money with this thinking!

>> Love your work and visit the Coogee Chamber of Commerce Website here!

Stay awesome friends!

Forgiving yourself when you F UP

We all F UP and times and that's cool! Get over it and make it right! (Image Credit too Tumisu from Pixabay)

We all F UP and times and that’s cool! Get over it and make it right! (Image Credit too Tumisu from Pixabay)

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who have been historically hard on themselves when they mess up and make mistakes.

I used to be extremely hard on myself, however as I have grown and lived as a successful entrepreneur it’s got me to learn how to forgive myself and move on.

I have messed up lots in life and business and if you look at any of the World Leading Business Celeb’s they will tell you the same thing. One of my wonderful friends messed up a few months back. It was an easy mistake to make, with more light to medium consequences they are dealing with now.

As a result, they feel a bit down about it and I totally get that. It has got them a bit ‘sad’ which is cool and after speaking to them, I have helped keep them on track and in the zone.

The way I got them in the zone, was tell them the truth about how I have messed up in life. For me, even though many see me as quite successful, I SHOULD BE WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL than this now!

Sure, it annoys me, I have had made mistake that set me back, however what’s the point of feeling bad about things? We all F UP at times in life!

As I said to my wonderful client and friend, get over it and it’s time for you to PUT THINGS RIGHT. After all, when we mess up, beating ourselves up is totally pointless. The trick is to clean up after our mistakes, learn the lessons, move and make everything stronger.

My advice and thinking? Right from the little mistakes to the serious mistakes, clean up your mess and learn. It’s all you can do! As you learn from your mistakes (and yes, please learn), you become, smarter, wiser and way more successful. Winning only exists in a world where losing can occur, so shake off the losses and just move on.

Love your work, bravo my friend on fixing things up and appreciate the read friends!

P.S. Forgive yourself when you F UP! It’s cool.