Forgiving yourself when you F UP

We all F UP and times and that's cool! Get over it and make it right! (Image Credit too Tumisu from Pixabay)

We all F UP and times and that’s cool! Get over it and make it right! (Image Credit too Tumisu from Pixabay)

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who have been historically hard on themselves when they mess up and make mistakes.

I used to be extremely hard on myself, however as I have grown and lived as a successful entrepreneur it’s got me to learn how to forgive myself and move on.

I have messed up lots in life and business and if you look at any of the World Leading Business Celeb’s they will tell you the same thing. One of my wonderful friends messed up a few months back. It was an easy mistake to make, with more light to medium consequences they are dealing with now.

As a result, they feel a bit down about it and I totally get that. It has got them a bit ‘sad’ which is cool and after speaking to them, I have helped keep them on track and in the zone.

The way I got them in the zone, was tell them the truth about how I have messed up in life. For me, even though many see me as quite successful, I SHOULD BE WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL than this now!

Sure, it annoys me, I have had made mistake that set me back, however what’s the point of feeling bad about things? We all F UP at times in life!

As I said to my wonderful client and friend, get over it and it’s time for you to PUT THINGS RIGHT. After all, when we mess up, beating ourselves up is totally pointless. The trick is to clean up after our mistakes, learn the lessons, move and make everything stronger.

My advice and thinking? Right from the little mistakes to the serious mistakes, clean up your mess and learn. It’s all you can do! As you learn from your mistakes (and yes, please learn), you become, smarter, wiser and way more successful. Winning only exists in a world where losing can occur, so shake off the losses and just move on.

Love your work, bravo my friend on fixing things up and appreciate the read friends!

P.S. Forgive yourself when you F UP! It’s cool.