You set the culture of your wonderful community!

Set your own culture by what you accept and not accept. It rocks and makes life fun and easy!

Set your own culture by what you accept and not accept. It rocks and makes life fun and easy!

Out of all the blogs I have ever written, this would easily be my latest starting it at 12:45AM.

Yesterday / last night, we had our second Meetup HQ event in Sydney and it was a massive build on our first and successful one.

As we had our outstanding meeting, there were lots of great ideas exchanged with one key reminder that came from the team:

  • “You set the culture of your wonderful community!”

The team was a group of highly motivated Meetup HQ organisers who each are successful in their own unique way. Everyone is different, our events are all different and I just loved how it all come together.

We spoke about what we like, don’t like and expect; with the key being the kind of experiences we set for our Meetup Groups. In my own groups, my values are based on being active, helpful, in the zone, supportive and loving the idea of winning.

As a result, it attracts people of a similar mindset that just rocks! Other people had their own values, with people who run business groups (like mine) to total social & dating groups. Regardless of what we do, by what we accept and not accept as Organisers determines what our groups shall become.

My advice and thinking? Build the groups in your image and set the culture that bests help’s everyone and is a win for you too. Don’t be anything you are not, as you want to bring yourself to the world.

I have done this in Profitable Marketing Meetup and it’s rocked! The more I am ‘myself’ is just the more I win and love it. Do it for yourself! Make your own Meetup Groups and Community your own, so you attract those right people you just want.

Love your work, thank you friends for coming, appreciate the read and THANK YOU Meetup for making this all possible!