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You can tell the people who HAVE THE GOODS!

Ann Vodicka rocks. A great lunch with her taught me many wonderful things!

Ann Vodicka rocks. A great lunch with her taught me many wonderful things!

I was very lucky to get introduced to the incredibly fashionable Ann Vodicka through a friend.

She is a Fashion Coach and it only takes a 7 second glance at her to know that she knows what she’s doing. I first meet her face to face (in the real world) when she came to one of our Community Workshops and in a short space of time I was impressed.


The simple reason is that you can tell she has the goods. She is intelligent, extremely fashionable, gets that people are different and totally impressed me (and many others) with her applied knowledge.

After a fantastic lunch in Newtown, it got me thinking more as to how we as human’s (rightly or wrongly) make snap judgements about people. I try not to do that, but regardless of how much I try I find myself doing it.

Without letting political correctness limiting he truth here; I am willing to bet that everyone makes snap judgements of others to some degree (be it consciously or subconsciously). I don’t think this is a good or bad thing, I see it as what it is being a fact to how we operate.

However, when we accept the truth of it, we can take advantage of it and learn how to position ourselves the way we want. Before I met Ann, I went through quite a massive makeover resulting in a new style, lots of new clothes and losing 10kg (yes!).

Because of this successful transformation I have been through, I feel different, more powerful, inspired and YES, I AM MAKING MORE MONEY.

My advice and thinking? People make snap judgements and you can tell who has the goods. Make sure that you are of course the real thing and that you LOOK LIKE THE REAL THING!

The clothing, health, confidence, posture, tonality and the like; it all matters. Make sure you have it (just like Ann Vodicka does).

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you Bronwyn Clarke for the introduction!

IMMEDIATE Follow Up After Your Meetings!

Following up can even be a simple and fast email. It makes all the difference! DO IT ASAP!

Following up can even be a simple and fast email. It makes all the difference! DO IT ASAP!

If you are an Entrepreneur like myself (or even a Corporate), you will agree with my thinking when I say “Meetings are your life blood!”.

It’s extremely true in my own case in that whenever I meet with someone and they want to do business, I must follow up with them ASAP so we get started whilst they are still excited. You can say that one must ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’.

What the many years of business has taught me is that one must follow up ASAP after meeting. Be it a few hours when you get home, 10 minutes later from your Laptop or whatever the case maybe; I like to do it right away.

This is great in that it shows the person you are serious and ready to do business, it gets it off your mind, so you don’t have to worry about it, eliminates the chance of forgetting about it and also increases your odds of things going your way.

You also don’t forget critical factors in that you are acting on things whilst they sit in your short-term memory. You can sleep on it and forget what really matters.

My advice and thinking?

FOLLOW UP ASAP friends! Be it an email after a meeting, an SMS thanking them or whatever the case maybe, make it happen.

It works. Trust me!

Do it. Win big and of course, stay awesome!

Get on the PHONE! (Not Email, SMS or FB Messenger)

Whenever I think about getting on the phone, Maxwell Smart comes to mind. He gets it!

Whenever I think about getting on the phone, Maxwell Smart comes to mind. He gets it!

As I write this blog, I am sitting at the wonderful Novotel Parramatta at 8:38AM in the morning.

As I drink my nice Long Black Coffee (2 shots of coffee with hot water), I am thinking about my life, business and the great things that have gone down.

I am even thinking about the missed opportunities and what I have learned from business over the years that have accelerated my success.

What I can tell you wonderful friends is this; chasing up people on the phone is critical. It’s seriously critical!

Email, SMS, FB Messenger and the like has its place and I love it and all; but nothing beats calling up someone. I shall be doing that this morning in that a phone call is far better and more likely to get a response than sending someone an online message.

I like using all these media to speak to people, however if I really want a response then I go for the phone.

My advice and thinking?

Phone calls friend! I like to call up a few people every day all the time and it just works. Highly recommended. I am not saying you spend hours calling up people (although you may at times), just call few people a day all the time.

It adds up and just works! Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Nod to Maxwell Smart, only the best Spy ever who gets it. 

My Facebook Lives are slowly / quickly getting better!

I am even doing a Live Webinar on Facebook Live. Slowly winning!

I am even doing a Live Webinar on Facebook Live. Slowly winning!

I am happy with last night’s Facebook Live I did. It’s got lots of views, incredible engagement and it was the best work that I did from multiple viewpoints.

Great lighting, topics prepared in advance, strong flow, handled distractions well, answered questions and I felt quite energetic and strong through it.

This morning I went through and reviewed my previous lives and could see the improvement. They are becoming much stronger and it’s even something that I like to watch and get right into. I knew this would happen; over time, my Lives would become slowly better.

I feel like they are becoming ‘slowly’ better, but in fact it’s quite a quick process. It’s only been a month and my lives are very strong quality and if I say didn’t know me; I would take them quite seriously.

It reminded me as to how Marketing & Sales work in that regardless of how much thinking or training we do, we only become better by doing it. This is exactly what’s happening to me in this process and I bet in say 3 to 6 months, the Live’s will be rocking more as I build up my following.

My advice and thinking? Facebook Lives and probably anything you do becomes slowly better as you do it more. I am finding exactly that, and I can see it bringing me even more clients as time passes.

If you are putting something off because you incorrectly think you ‘aren’t good enough’, I ask you to challenge that thinking. Just start doing it and watch your skill slowly increase!

Love your work, thank you for your support friends and stay awesome!

Appreciation, Gratitude and THANKING Your Community!

I saw Zach Mason thanking people over Facebook and he rocks. It got me thinking...

I saw Zach Mason thanking people over Facebook and he rocks. It got me thinking…

I just finished my Facebook Live Event for this evening and one theme that was going through my mind was the importance of thanking your community.

The awesome Zachary Mason ran a very successful event during the week and I just saw him thanking everyone on Facebook for it. A great move and this inspired more of my thinking in this area.

In the crazy modern world, we live in (especially that in a biggish city like Sydney), it can certainly be a bit of a rat race and one of keeping up with the Jones. It can be sometimes very much “What’s in it for me” and when some genuinely thanks you for something, it can be a real break from our common experiences.

For me, when we are thanked for what we do, it gets us thinking as to what this means and possible outcomes for us. It means that people like us and appreciate us (after all, they wouldn’t thank us otherwise) and it also gets us thinking more nicer things about the person who has thanked us.

It spreads good will, makes everyone happy and of course makes us who do the genuine thanking look wonderful.

My advice and thinking? Thank your community and customers more! I certainly need too and it’s something I shall be keeping very much in mind.

So THANK YOU for reading this blog friends and I love your work!

Ed 🙂

The importance of FRAMING in talking Australia Day

Framing is everything and it's got me thinking on Australia Day!

Framing is everything and it’s got me thinking on Australia Day!

As lots of you wonderful people know, I am right into politics.

I actually wasn’t until my mid 30’s where I got pulled into the crazy world of lefties, right wingers, immigration, taxes, business and of course making my own business happen.

Australia Day is a fascinating one in how the left has tried very hard to dismantle it, but haven’t had the luck. Be it moving it to another date that isn’t ‘offensive’ to others or pro-British, or even just cancelling the whole thing and striking it off the holiday list.

As I write this article, I am on Australia Day 2018 in Regatta Point in Canberra (ACT) and it’s just wonderful. You have a totally diverse everything of people having a wonderful time with Justice Crew to the beats, Navy Helicopters putting on a show and even a massive fireworks display that is about to come.

Everyone is having such a wonderful time together and I can assure you this is what Australia Day is about.

‘Framing’ is a common term used in politics into how one attempts to structure an event, situation or thinking to suit their objectives.

The left attempts to frame Australia Day as ‘Invasion Day’ being something unholy in that Australia is the worst country ever, with say the average person just seeing it as a great day to come together and be pals.

The ‘Frame’ or ‘Framing’ is critical in Marketing, Politics, debating in that the one who successful sets the ‘frame’ will most likely win the support.

Ultimately the left isn’t able to get enough public support to their frame with most dismissing it which just rocks. All of us awesome people just see it as a great day.

My advice and thinking? When you are in Marketing, Business or Debating; the ‘frame’ you set it everything. It’s how you structure an argument and the trick is to keep the frame going exactly your way.

As for Australia Day, it rocks, I love it and hope you had / are having a great one!

My justified love for the NEW MEETUP WEBSITE!

The Meetup call today rocked and got me thinking about change for the better...

The Meetup call today rocked and got me thinking about change for the better…

I have been in Meetup for many years. If you don’t know it, you should so sign up with a free account. It’s a ‘Face to Face’ community platform which is all about hosting real events wherever you are.

It’s massive in Sydney with hundreds of groups, a great following, top people and it’s been something that I have been into years (check my group out here!). 

I recently accepted the volunteer role of ‘Meetup City Organiser’ for Sydney. It’s where I help support Meetup groups in the city and share with them my own experiences to help get theirs off the ground.

Meetup has gone through lots of change for the better and one of their moves is their new website. It’s a massive update to the platform making it cleaner, more beautiful and just powerful.

Interestingly as this change was made, most people love it. You however had this small minority of people who were really against it. Like all things, I tend to remain silent however once I have the facts; I GO IN WITH GUNS BLAZING!

I had a few of these negative Nancy’s very poorly trolling me for being a supporter of the new website and I can tell you that it’s wonderful.  There are some bugs that are being gradually fixed, however this is what Meetup has successful achieved with their website update:

–          Cleaner, easier to navigate and prettier.

–          Looks much better on mobile phone.

–          Less clutter.

–          Many more redundant features have been removed.


This is the bottom point that I have really noticed. With the new platform, I get way more bookings when I invite someone to my event. It would be at least an increase of 40% in conversion in that I find people just book in more easily now.

This makes sense to me in many ways and my advice and thinking? Change can be difficult and sometimes some people just won’t go along with it. That’s cool and like Meetup has done, they have made a great move that is always a bit painful.

Many people have given great feedback and Meetup, just rocks! Check it out, I love their work and stay awesome friends!

My community and I love the new Meetup website!

If you speak at an event, get someone to TAKE GREAT PHOTOS!

When you speak at event, get great photos of you taken! You will need them!

When you speak at event, get great photos of you taken! You will need them!

Depending on where we are in our business lives, we get opportunities to speak. Be it at a small gathering or in front of happening crowds; we have those rare high value opportunities to make a wonderful impression.

As this all plays out, I have known so many people to really miss opportunities here when they are speaking. As you are the one who is speaking, you probably won’t be able to take photos of yourself very well.

I have always learned the importance of getting great people to take photos of you when you speak at an event. The best way is to take someone with you to get wonderful photos of you.

Be it your partner, best friend, pal, someone you want as a partner, dog sitter, cat sitter, mother, brother, father, nemesis or enemy; get someone to take photos of you as you speak.

At our event last night, my awesome wife Lassie (who totally rocks) took lots of images of Helen Gerasimou speaking at our event and they looked just great. Helen has great photos to help her with her marketing and own social media.

My advice and thinking? When you speak at an event, get someone to take wonderful photos.

Don’t waste the incredible opportunity!

Love your work and stay awesome friends!

Winning, Winning and Winning with Aeona Co-Working Space

Aeona Co-Working Space made Profitable Marketing Meetup ROCK. Thank you Aeona!

Aeona Co-Working Space made Profitable Marketing Meetup ROCK. Thank you Aeona!

It’s 11:23PM as I write this blog (very late at night for me) and we have declared this the best Meetup we have run.

This has been based the most on almost all parameters. Highest numbers, great reviews, incredible rebooks, lead and energy.

One of the key reasons for this has been being part of the incredible Aeona Co-Working Space. In a long story with many awesome twists and turns; I was very lucky to be found by these wonderful people.

They saw our Meetup group getting serious traction and invited us to run an event there and I DID.

It rocked, our best and I so must thank them. In short, here is why Aeona was outstanding for us:

–          Great location: Just next to Central Station in Sydney! Perfect.

–          Beautiful big room and outdoor: Great for our crowd of 60 people. Worked great.

–          Top facilities: Kitchen nearby and great bathrooms. It works.

–          Top service: The team there worked hard for us. They rocked big time.

–          Great electronics and setup: The screen was just fantastic and well loved.

My advice and thinking? If you are running events, consider the incredible people at Aeona. Great spot and love it.

>> Visit the Aeona Co-Working Space Website here! When you enquire, tell them I sent you 🙂

Love their work and love your work!

The Percentage of People that ACTUALLY TURN UP to your Live Events!

You just don't know who is going to turn up, but it's easy to accurately estimate after a few events!

You just don’t know who is going to turn up, but it’s easy to accurately estimate after a few events!

I get asked this key question all the time, “Edward, what percentage of people actually turn up to your live events?”

There are different answers everywhere on this one based on many factors. The pricing of the event, type of crowd, database source, whose speaking, the brand etc.

However, I can tell you that to my own events it’s 40% give or take 10%. I have had some events where a mere 30% turn up and some events where 70% turns up. If I take the 90% of situations, it’s almost 40% or some variant.

It seems to remain the same too regardless of numbers. If I book in 10, 4 people show up. If I book in 50, 20 people show up! My events are usually Free / Low Cost, designed to support my community and help with the good old Sales Funnel (i.e. getting new clients).

I have found many friends to get extremely similar types of results in this regard and I have tried so many initiatives to increase the % that show up. I have found that some have helped slightly, however it was much easier just to get more people in.

For example, tomorrow night I have 114 booked in now! That is great, and I would expect at least 50 people. Of course, I don’t know, and I most certainly hope heaps do, but you don’t know.

My advice and thinking? You never know what you will get to an event, but always count on people not coming along. That means to get the quantity of people you need, you must book more. As you run some events, you will find out your own percentage and you can use that in your calculation.

What happens is that you get lucky and unlucky. If say not as many people as you hope turns up, that is great! Just make do and do the best job possible. Let’s say more people turn up, just make do and do the best job possible. The trick is regular and consistent events. Monthly is great and for those on a mission, fortnightly rocks too!

Enjoy the thoughts, check out my events here and love your work!

Edward’s Latest Marketing Plan Update! (Phase 2, January 2018)

My latest Marketing Plan Build and Update! (Phase 2, January 2018)Awesome friends!

HOT OFF THE PRESS is my latest update for my Marketing Plan for 2018. If you have spent more than probably 360 seconds listening to me anywhere, I would have probably spoken to you about 1) Planning, 2) Winning or 3) My love for Donald Trump.

Effective planning comes from really using your plan, taking it seriously and doing regular updates.

These days I have been updating mine at least once a month, with this month being twice a month. It’s really important based on your goals, dreams, changes, bad stuff, GREAT WINS and everything and the like.

>> Download my latest Marketing Plan Build here!

Love your work and stay awesome friends!

Finish your PowerPoint Presentations NICE AND EARLY!

My PowerPoint for next week is done early AND IT FEELS GREAT!

My PowerPoint for next week is done early AND IT FEELS GREAT!

It’s my wonderful Saturday and I have been at the gym and working on PowerPoint all morning.

I have run that many workshops over the past 2 years and have become probably Sydney’s Leading Microsoft PowerPoint Expert without realising (lol).

One big thing that the years of winning in this regard has taught me, is the critical importance of finishing your PowerPoint Presentations nice and early.

In hanging out my dirty washing; I have done the opposite of what I have just recommended you many times. I have left my PowerPoints to the last minute historically which is something I finally stopped doing a few months back.

The problem is that if you leave your PowerPoints to the last minute, they just aren’t very good. You may be making great points, but you have more mistakes, poorer quality imagery and you can miss out CRITICAL POINTS.

When you do it nice and early, it sets you up to win big with many advantages:

1)      You come up with new ideas and add them each day, making it better!

2)      If you say forget to put in a CRITICAL IDEA early, you will probably remember in time.

3)      You can get input from other people better and earlier.

4)      It reduces stress on your part.

5)      The PowerPoint looks better as you have given it more time and refinement.

6)      It helps you sell more.

7)      YOU FEEL GREAT in knowing you have done an incredible job.

My advice and thinking?



Love your work, stay awesome and Happy PowerPointing!