My justified love for the NEW MEETUP WEBSITE!

The Meetup call today rocked and got me thinking about change for the better...

The Meetup call today rocked and got me thinking about change for the better…

I have been in Meetup for many years. If you don’t know it, you should so sign up with a free account. It’s a ‘Face to Face’ community platform which is all about hosting real events wherever you are.

It’s massive in Sydney with hundreds of groups, a great following, top people and it’s been something that I have been into years (check my group out here!). 

I recently accepted the volunteer role of ‘Meetup City Organiser’ for Sydney. It’s where I help support Meetup groups in the city and share with them my own experiences to help get theirs off the ground.

Meetup has gone through lots of change for the better and one of their moves is their new website. It’s a massive update to the platform making it cleaner, more beautiful and just powerful.

Interestingly as this change was made, most people love it. You however had this small minority of people who were really against it. Like all things, I tend to remain silent however once I have the facts; I GO IN WITH GUNS BLAZING!

I had a few of these negative Nancy’s very poorly trolling me for being a supporter of the new website and I can tell you that it’s wonderful.  There are some bugs that are being gradually fixed, however this is what Meetup has successful achieved with their website update:

–          Cleaner, easier to navigate and prettier.

–          Looks much better on mobile phone.

–          Less clutter.

–          Many more redundant features have been removed.


This is the bottom point that I have really noticed. With the new platform, I get way more bookings when I invite someone to my event. It would be at least an increase of 40% in conversion in that I find people just book in more easily now.

This makes sense to me in many ways and my advice and thinking? Change can be difficult and sometimes some people just won’t go along with it. That’s cool and like Meetup has done, they have made a great move that is always a bit painful.

Many people have given great feedback and Meetup, just rocks! Check it out, I love their work and stay awesome friends!

My community and I love the new Meetup website!