Come on, we all love a round of applause don't we? Well, follow my 10 x Public Tips and you may up for some roses thrown in your direction!

Come on, we all love a round of applause don’t we? Well, follow my 10 x Public Tips and you may up for some roses thrown in your direction!

Public Speaking in a Small Business I think is totally different to say Public Speaking when you are an employee in a Corporate.  I have been in business now for 3 years (about 1.5 years full time) and worked as a Senior Marketing Manager for years in the Corporate World.

When I was in my old Corporate Life (way before I got washed up in the GFC) I used to be able to speak in front of hundreds and it was easy! Totally easy.  It’s my job, I got a Corporate Line to sell.  Just get up, smile, go through the content and done.  Just so easy.

Now wind the clock forward a near decade and I am now an Entrepreneur in my own business for the first time getting up in front of people for a 10 minute presentation.  I remember my first public speech as a Marketing Mentor / Consultant working for myself. It was at 4Networking Liverpool (Sydney) in front of about 15 x people.  And have a will guess?


Yes, I was freaking out, panicked and all over the place.  I am very good at knowing when to “Get over myself” and I did it and I think did a great 5 out of 10 job for my first time.  These days I feel I am quite good at it and in writing this blog now, it has me reflecting on why I was so scared about it?

I think the reality is that as a Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur, you aren’t some Corporate as part of a big company.  IT’S YOU UP ON STAGE! You are representing yourself and you are giving your raw soul to the audience.

That is totally confronting and I think very few people master this skill, let alone attempt too.  But make no mistake, public speaking is one amazing and profitable skill that anyone can master.

I think the other myth to “Debunk” as well is that there is this lie out there that you have to be “Really Loud” and have to be “Naturally Confident”.  When people see me speak these days and I tell them I could barely put a 40 second elevator pitch together they just laugh at and say “Yes Sure Ed, You are a Natural”.  When I hear that, it actually offends me slightly.  Not in that I think the person is dissing me or anything – but more they are just writing off all the hard work I have put in over the years to master this craft.

These days I can get up naturally and speak on almost any professional topic I have training in with little preparation and skill.  But this is the culmination of years of hard work. I think when starting out it’s important to

In reflection on a 7:33PM on my Saturday Night here are my Top 10 x Tips I wish I could have given to myself those 3 years ago:

1) Accept your fears are normal and everyone freaks out the first time.

2) Focus all your energy on the audience and not on your own fears.

3) Smile and think happy thoughts.

4) Really practice what you are going to say.

5) Have a sweet 1 to 2 page handout to give to everyone.

6) Aim your content to the audience.

7) Stay under time! Make sure you don’t go over.

8) Make sure your hands are under control.

9) Give positive body language.

10) Be Patient and Nice to yourself!

Hearing these 10 x Tips would have totally helped me and it’s what I have personally learned over the years and loved.

I trust it helps you on your speech-craft and like all things, if you love what I have to say, then you will totally love my Online Course the Awesome Marketing Vault! Right here for instant access x x

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor going Public Speaker and Trainer these days!!

P.S This blog is dedicated to an awesome fellow from Regional Australia who is speaking next week, so I wrote this for him and the world!



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  1. Thank you of course too the creators of the Fallout Video Game Series! Where I have used the awesome “Vault Boy” Graphic which I so love!

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