I can't say my Dream was as blissful as this one - but it's certainly leading to massive awesome Positive Outcomes as I learn the lessons my mind is trying to tell me!

I can’t say my Dream was as blissful as this one – but it’s certainly leading to massive awesome Positive Outcomes as I learn the lessons my mind is trying to tell me!

Positive Dreams? Hardly – I had a very very rough night of sleep and I had to get this article down before I forget all the detail.  Over the past few days I have felt “Funny” about things.  Positive and Happy with the way things are going – but I have noticed that my “brain” is really been tapping me on the shoulder to reflect on the past and put some of my experiences behind me.

Being a hard-working Persian Man from Inner-West Sydney, my typical response is “Ehhh – Get on with it!” and so my awesome sub-conscious brain has come back saying “No way, Edward – time for you to think about things!”.

One big thing I have noticed throughout my life is the importance of spending time each week to relax (even just a little bit) to help your mind unwind and put things in perspective.

As per the heading, I went to bed at about 10PM and had nothing but Nightmares.  They weren’t intense ones or anything, but these nightmares have got me positively reflecting on my life in many ways.  I do like to try and get the message out of my dreams and what it’s saying and the awesome Jude has been great in helping me do that.

One thing to note, a few days ago I was reflecting on how awesome my life has become – HOWEVER I have been a bit caught up in the past.  That is, spending too much time thinking about people from the past who have hurt me and wanting to move on to the next part of my life.

As per Jude’s help, I have put in my dreams below and with her help the interpretation is as follows:

[Dream 1]:

– Myself and a few of my friends are all of a sudden out of business and we are all together employees of all my old previous bosses (the bad ones).  Even though I was my same character today I was wearing my old Business Suit & Tie and wondering where my modern “Buff Guy” Floral shirts are today.  In the dream I am reflecting on what happened and how much I have slipped in life.

[Interpretation with thanks to Jude]:

– My old clothing is a sign of me hanging onto my old beliefs that don’t serve me.  Although I was wearing them, they disgusted me and I wanted to get them off me as quickly as possible.  My Positive feeling is today, it’s time for me to move on from the past and totally embrace my awesome future coming!

[Dream 2]:

– I parked my car somewhere odd (illegally double parked it) and I was going for a walk to see someone.  I was completely myself and as I walked back and I was going to some pub.  As I walked back, I would see more people from my past.  Usually old bosses.  Then one funny scene (this was my old boss) with his daughter (who I both enjoyed working with and were actually great) and I ran past him and deliberately knocked him causing to spill his coffee.  He didn’t know who I was but yelled out at me – I was running back to my car, panicking about getting a fine.

As I would go along, more people from my past would try and interrupt and stop me.  I woke up eventually feeling “Wait a Sec, this is a Dream”.

[Dream 2’s Interpretation with Jude]:

My car is my identity and I am questioning it now especially with the end bit of the dream involving me not even wanting it anymore. It’s a sign that my mind is shedding the past and really wants to move on.

It’s 10:51AM on a Sunday as I write this article and the reflections I think are amazing.  I am so off the gym now to put more thought into these and I like it.  I think my sub-conscious mind is totally on my side; it’s helping me let go of my past and embrace a new awesome future!

Thank you for the read, hope you have a great day or night wherever you are!

Edward Zia – Entrepreneur, Dreamer and Marketer! x x



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