Working as a Corporate used to suck for me - but no more! Lots of time at home with my awesome Cats - living the life i want!

Working as a Corporate used to suck for me – but no more! Lots of time at home with my awesome Cats – living the life i want!

If you have been chewed up and spat out by the Corporate Machine I bet my heading just resonates with you and speaks your language.  Save for the odd fantastic role I had when I used to be a Corporate Marketing Manager – I had a very rough time in the workforce before I walked the Entrepreneurial Path.  From light situations of being pushed around by a boss, to being interviewed by the Australian Federal Police and facing extreme situations where my own freedom was at stake (due to illegal dealings of the company where it was proven in court and a fellow went to prison) – my working life JUST SUCKED towards the end.

After working night and day just to help some fat cat buy a bigger boat / house / trip or whatever – I started to really realize that the whole Corporate Ladder wasn’t the direction for me and I was hardly getting the results out of it I seeked.  This was especially true Post-Global Financial Crisis.  I spent my life working in this direction and despite my High Distinctions at University, a great track record and plenty of experience – I was unemployed.

The system I spent so many years working in and believing in totally let me down and I built a large part of my life on just a false reality that I now wanted little part of.  Post GFC I was nowhere near the level I was, but I KNEW that I wanted something more and wanted my own life with independance, fun and strength.  Sure, I love working hard and that is what I wanted – and in a few years of hard work, I was so proud to earn a life that I truly love.

BUT – it certainly didn’t come easy and I was stuck in a situation where I was still working to fund my way out of my job and get my original “Marketing Consulting” business going.  I was at the time “Moonlighting”.  This is an expression for basically working during the day and working at night and it’s called that because you are working in secret in “The Moonlight”.  Even today, most employers look down on this behaviour and many of us certainly do that to get our own side-businesses to the level we need so we can leave work and go into our business full-time.

The reality of this situation is that WORKING SUCKS but there is no other way at times.  If you have bills, a family or you are in a situation where you cannot take a risk without hurting people depending on you – it may take a bit of time to “Work your way out of Work”. The Awesome upside is that you can build a great life for yourself as an Entrepreneur and earn more money – but the challenge can be:

– Having to invest lots of your cash.

– Working long hours.

– Not having much Social Time.

– Juggling “Two Masters” to get to where you want.

When you are stuck in the Corporate Rat Race like I was, it’s very hard to get out immediately.  Usually you have to get your business going first (or at least to pay for yourself) before you can pull the pin and pursue your dreams full-time such as I do now.

Reiterating the above, life can be hard when you are doing this – but the good news is that it is generally temporary.  If you are working like a slave to keep your boss happy / off your back that is great! It can buy you time to get your business totally rocking so one day you can move on as per I did!

My advice if you are still at work or just started your own business? Congratulations for taking massive steps and make sure you start your business with enough money and support to get your business to the point where you can at least live off it.  You may have say 3 – 6 months to cover you when you start full-time or even are still at work – regardless, you need to build it as quickly as possible to pay your bills!

But once you do, and you have WORKED YOUR WAY OUT – life totally rocks living in a business of your own awesome creation.  So keep at it, go hard and with an intelligent Strategy & Plan – you stand great odds of making it! Of course if you are after very intelligent Marketing Strategies make sure you check out the Awesome Marketing Vault right here!

Thank you for the awesome read and keep up the fine work! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Guy who loves Short Term Pain for a MASSIVE GAIN!



2 Responses

  1. Have you considered that whilst the “fat cat boss” is buying a bigger boat, house, trip” – without him 1000’s of people wouldnt have a house, tv, food?

    And did “the system” let you down, or did it deliver you perfectly to exactly where you are?

  2. Hello Peter and thank you for your comment! I can tell you are trying to twist my point of view and you know I am Pro-Capitalism. I have complete respect for awesome business leaders like Bill Gates and such who have done exactly that – created opportunities.

    I am also the first not to name Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs “Fat Cats”. I have had some great bosses which they would never be fat cats. They do the right things with their money, wealth and success and deserve it.

    BUT you get some that are fat cats. Purely self-centered and they don’t create opportunities, they just enslave and rob from people beneath them. This can be through bullying, abuse, bad conditions and even worse – when they don’t pay their employees their entitlements.

    The system did let me down – in that the “System” with the employee mindset I was brought up from birth with certainly did. when I re-discovered myself and the System of the Entrepreneur – I thought I was fantastic and loved it. My point in time is great, but I am the first to learn from my failures.

    As for you Peter, give me a better response. What do you think of the above? You like asking questions – and I would like to hear more from you as to what you think on the above.

    Thank you again Peter! I love your counter-points and logical attacks on my arguments. Bring more along! Love it.

    Hope you are well too big man!

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