Luke Hawkins the NLP Man and Firecracker.  He has made some points that have impressed me lately and I trust you enjoy his blog right here on 'The Edward Files' !!

Luke Hawkins the NLP Man and Firecracker. He has made some points that have impressed me lately and I trust you enjoy his blog right here on ‘The Edward Files’ !!

Last year some time I was very lucky to be referred to a “Good looking Young Guy” through a client. This guy was full of beans and we further got to know each other through the 4Networking Business Community.

I watched him in a few networking meetings, spent time with him over lunches & breakfasts, got to know each other over Facebook – and I have been quite impressed at his eager freshness to hit the market hard as a new entrepreneur.

Luke Hawkins is his name and as we spoke, he said a few things that really got my attention when it comes to dealing with issues of the mind.

I then just had to invite him to Guest Blog on “The Edward Files” and he came up with this great article looking at weight loss and emotions. I trust you enjoy and thank you Luke!

“Is your weight loss emotional?” – Guest Blog by Luke Hawkins:

When it comes to weight loss, we have been sold time and time again that the latest diet, pill or ’30 day cleanse’ or ’30 day exercise challenge’ is the answer. Why is it that so many of these quick fixes simply do not work? For instance, we know that 83% of the people who go on diets regain any weight they lose plus more within as little as 2 years. Yet it is reported that up to 50% of women are on a diet at any given time. So what is it that causes someone to lose weight and keep it off forever as opposed to someone who does the latest diet, fitness challenge or cleanse only to put it all back on? The answer comes in three words YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM!

Every decision the brain makes is based on emotion. It does not matter what pill you take or what diet you go on, if you do not associate pleasure to the behaviours that would cause you to achieve your ideal body and pain to those behaviours that cause you to gain weight, then you are fighting against the current that is much stronger than you… your nervous system! The only way to make any permanent change in your behaviours is to do so in your unconscious mind where all learning and behavior change is unconscious. Why? Because 90% of our behaviours are controlled by the unconscious mind, and only 10% by our conscious mind.

When someone is having trouble losing weight it’s not the weight that is the problem, it is their unconscious mind which perceives that by you holding onto the weight it is actually providing you some positive benefit. You may think….what!! I don’t see any benefit to holding onto this weight. It is important to know that one of the most important roles of the unconscious mind is to preserve the body and keep you safe. If you have tried losing the weight and you still haven’t succeeded then you can be sure that out of need to avoid pain and gain pleasure you have decided on some level to hold onto that extra weight due to the positive benefit it is providing you. It is meeting one of your needs and being overweight actually represents a need for protection. Your weight is actually a resource as means of protecting yourself.

There are a variety of possible self protection scenarios. One example is that by holding onto the weight you are creating a barrier of separation between yourself and what you fear. That could be rejection from a potential partner again due to the pain associated with a past relationship breakup, or the fear that if you lost the weight you might attract too much attention and that would place you in a position where you wouldn’t be able to trust yourself or trust the people that you put yourself around (this can stem from childhood).

Other deeper reasons could be if someone was sexually abused they can create this barrier of separation to limit the chances of them being sexually abused again by holding onto the weight. Another reason could be if you are in a relationship and you are not happy you know by holding onto the weight you are able to punish your partner and can create a barrier of separation between the both of you. The bottom line is we all can seek protection from our fears, hurts, past pain, criticism, the unknown and judgment. When people feel insecure and not at ease, kilos will add on. When the threat is gone, the excess weight goes away by itself. Fighting fat is a waste of time and energy. Diets do not work. The minute you stop the diet, the weight goes back up. Loving and approving of yourself, trusting in the process of life and feeling safe because you know the power of your own mind make up the best diet. Go on a diet from negative thoughts, and the weight will take care of itself.

The most effective tools for change that I use for having people lose weight and keep it off forever is through the power of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. These tools allow somebody to change the behaviours that they link pleasure and pain to in their nervous system at the unconscious level, which is where all permanent behavior change occurs. My clients have lost a minimum of 5 kilos using these techniques in as little as one session. If you would like to shed those kilos forever then get in contact with us at Luke Hawkins Coaching Today!

Live Strong and with Passion!

Luke Hawkins
Your Performance Coach

Edward’s Post Blog Commentary:

Even though my weight is under control and I work out 3 – 4 times a week now, for years I struggled with my weight for a long time. Like many I am sure, I was an “Emotional Eater” which did me no good. I would work long hours and then turn to “Food” to help me, only sacrificing my future with every bite.

Luke makes a good point, don’t fight your nervous system – change it so it happens on autopilot. Like what you are reading? Give Luke a Call and love your work.  Thank you for the read!




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