We loved Cydney’s Event!

Cydney did a great job! We loved it on many, many levels!

Cydney did a great job! We loved it on many, many levels!

It is one of those nights where I get home late with a wonderful smile of success! Tonight, I got to watch the powerhouse Cydney O’Sullivan succeed with the first of her NEW Meetup Series on how to become a Celebrity Author and Speaker.

Colin, Sharon & I got in early to check things out and it was a great venue at the City Tattersalls Venue in Sydney CBD (the first great step). It was modern, well lit, looked great and I would be proud to hold an event there.

Cydney then came in with great high value content talking books, Marketing & Sales, giving great advice that most would charge for. This was a top key point and brilliant!

Then, Cydney was engaging, energetic and it just rocked. This let to a great event where people stayed back, spoke to her, engaged and you know it was a winner.

My advice and thinking? When you run events do a great job! Think of all the little detail, get it right and start as early as you can. As you do that, you will nail it, get great reviews and of course sell more and win big.

You rock Cydney and looking forward till next time!