Watching people change as their business doubles, triples and more…

The incredible Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes. She keeps getting more incredible day by day!

The incredible Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes. She keeps getting more incredible day by day!

Even though it’s been a few years, it seemingly felt like it was yesterday when I was first contacted by this wonderful person.

I remember it being late at night (or at least the afternoon) in getting a message through FB for someone reaching out to win big. I could sense their brilliance and felt their stress in having the weight of the world on their shoulders, whilst delivering a sense of perfection to their clients.

The vibe I felt was great and I remember having the first conversation where they were pumped, extremely motivated and want to build an incredible business.

Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes was a very stylish character who I would become wonderful friends with over the years and she is my favourite type of client ever. Brilliant, ethical, kind, loves their customers and very ambitious willing to try new intelligent things.

The key part that has fascinated me about Tina is how as her business has multiplied as we have worked together, she has equally changes (as have I). When we met, we were both earlier versions of ourselves.

Today, we are almost the elite mirrors of our oldselves. We are fitter, slimmer, happier, more productive and much stronger leaders; with our outsides easily reflecting how we feel different on the insides.

I see this a lot in that as people succeed and their businesses multiply, they become more powerful as unique individuals.

It’s great and my advice and thinking from watching awesome Tina win big?

As we succeed in one area of our life, it tends to go across other areas. If we say have a poor quality of life and get really fit, chances are you will do way better in your job and study. Then you get a promotion or start a new business and life rocks.

If you say start earning some wonderful money, you may then get more into your health, so you look good and feel great. It then helps you make more out of your business.

Our success is all connected. Even though I mostly stick to Marketing & Business Mentoring, these days I am forever telling people to lose weight, get fit and be healthy. I know that by doing that, their business will get even better.

Tina is the living example of what and we love her work!

Thank you for the read, love your work Tina Zinghini and stay awesome friends!