The most wealthy people I know are great at getting stuff done and even moreso - they are incredibility busy and get out work faster than people who have more time.  Interesting no?

The most wealthy people I know are great at getting stuff done and even moreso – they are incredibility busy and get out work faster than people who have more time. Interesting no?

Even though I am may have some critics, people know I get stuff done! Very early on in my Marketing Career, I knew that my own success won’t so much come from creative ideas, or “Being in the know” – it would ultimately come down to doing great quality work quickly and effectively.

I have heard this saying many times “If you want to get something done, go and ask a busy person”.  This is something I can totally relate too and what I find funny is that as I get busier, I seem to be able to get things done faster and more effectively.

Some of my great awesome colleagues are busy people without excuses.

They hit the gym, got massive businesses, families, people relying on them and if you ask them say a question, send them an email or ask for help they get back to you very quickly with the answers.

Conversely I know people who have all the time in the world, they have say way less clients than me, some don’t even have families and even the most basic email / request (where literally it would be 2 minutes to answer) can go days without response.

This brings me back to my original point and that funny almost “Counter-Intuitive Thinking” – why do busy people get stuff done?

My own personal thoughts on this one has come too:

1) They are busy because they get stuff done. Their clients love them, they get heaps of work and they are busy.

2) They have figured out a way to keep up with the workload and stay totally / sorta sane.

3) They respect time and the importance of it in terms of not messing their clients around / giving straight answers.

For me in this case, one of my own jobs / requirements is to complete 1 x Blog per day.  I am watching my lovely step-son play on the equipment and instead of staring at the wall, I am writing a blog saving me to do it tonight.

Of course I love my Microsoft Surface 3 Pro – it helps me get more stuff done, however before I had just this awesome technology, I was busy pumping out the work.  Also talking to some of my great friends and colleagues, they are on top of their workloads.

My advice and thinking? Regardless of the industry / type of coaching / consulting / or whatever you are doing, people love people that get the job done well and quickly. I get a steady stream of awesome referrals today and one reason why people love me is my ability to get stuff done quickly and well.

Work quickly and get a reputation as to be the most reliable and service oriented person in your game – if you do, I promise it will help keep that awesome profitable stream of clients coming your way.

About the Author who loves getting stuff done:

Edward Zia nicknamed “The Crazy Persian” is a Marketing Mentor, 4Networking Leader and loves helping Small Businesses get more Profitable Clients with Awesome 6 and 7 Figure Sales & Marketing Strategies.

Feel free to browse his blog “The Edward Files”, sign up for the Free Materials.  If you love what you see and want to keep your learning going, Edward would love you to join his Online Community / Learning Centre “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” – Access it right here friends!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    Love what you share!I agree – busy people are busy because they get stuff done! They are the action takers. I remember when I was trained as an encyclopedia consultant many years ago, my mentor remarked that successful people were the ones doing the tasks that needed to be done – whether they feel like doing that or not. Incredible advice, isn’t it?

    PS: Now you get me motivated to get back to my blogging routine. Thanks, Edward! You are awesome!

    Viola Tam

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