My poor cat Miffy was terrified at the Vet today and it got me thinking as to fear and how it holds us back in life.  You got to challenge it all the time I find!

My poor cat Miffy was terrified at the Vet today and it got me thinking as to fear and how it holds us back in life. You got to challenge it all the time I find!

In dedication to the fine Personal Coach Daniel Tolson and Joel Curtis the Psychologist – working with those two amazing people has got me thinking about my business and thinking quite heavily in terms of the power of “Mindset” in terms of Business, Marketing, Success and all things nice in life.

In considering my own thinking and being as bare as possible in my blog, I think based on the life I have lived – “Fear” or an excess of it is quite natural in me.  Being homeless multiple times, my fine days working for the government, being in hospital for weeks, retrenchments, relationships ending – all violin stuff like that can leave a mark on you if you let it.  Sometimes my own mind can be quite controlled by “Negative / Fear” based emotions which I am sure if a Lion was chasing me would be great, but in the modern world it’s unproductive stress and anxiety.

Talking to the positive, for me (especially lately) I have been actively confronting my unjustifiable mental patters head on. For years I was quite trapped by Anxiety (even used to get Panic Attacks) and for me today – overcoming Fear on a daily basis has been an absolute pleasure.

In terms of Sales & Marketing, Anxiety and Fear can slow down selling.  The moment you mentally “Flip” your thinking around, you can convert the nervous energy into motivated “Fired-Up” energy and the more I find I direct it into getting stuff done, the better I feel, the better I pitch, the more Social Media posts I do and the more I sell! Earning results lowers my fear and makes me feel good – continuing my awesome self-fulfilling prophecy.

In talking personally and not pretending to be a psychologist or anything like that (speak to Joel Curtis for that) – in terms of working long hours, having a family and running my own business, I have found the following thinking has been great for me:

“Whenever I feel Stress, Anxiety or Negative Pointless Patterns – I love to challenge them and flip them on their heads.  That is, it inspires me to overcome the feelings and go out and prove otherwise!”.

This has been so liberating for me in terms of challenging fear head on.  I am sure I will have fear for the rest of my life, but the skill of taking it head on can be built and grown upon.

I hope my own personal story helps you in this one and if you are like me once and held back by fear, my advice? Go hard and push against it.  Each time it gets that little bit easier and you will reach a point of awesomeness you shall be super proud of.

Thank you for the read! Have a great day or night everyone, check out my Online Educational Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” right here and be good!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves challenging Fear Head on!



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  1. I recently discovered a meditation app called smiling mind it has been good for me to stop and clear my thoughts as sometimes my negative thoughts start to pile up and i start to over think things and the app has helped me get my mind smiling.

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