Our dedication to Mark Finch - one fine thinker getting super clear on his "BIG WHY" to Business & Life.  He is way tougher too than that wimp on the poster too!

Our dedication to Mark Finch – one fine thinker getting super clear on his “BIG WHY” to Business & Life. He is way tougher too than that wimp on the poster too!

No Turning Back? This is your last chance? No surrender? Burn the boats? Victory or Death?

Even writing out these lines (even in having fun) puts a shiver down my spine and gets me thinking about many different parts of my life.  I was very lucky to have an amazing conversation just with a fine man by the name of Mark Finch – who I would like to dedicate this article too.

I was very lucky to meet him at one of our Networking Events and he is kind, extremely fit, a martial arts guy, personal trainer who has been really studying “Mindset” and the associated techniques on how to improve it. He won me over for his directness and the consideration he is placing into his business and where his life is headed.

I think too many Entrepreneurs (even me once) don’t put enough thought into the business they decide to go into. For example, I originally went into Currency Trading more for the “Money I can make” and not so much for the love of the actual work or any previous experience that sets me up for success there.  As you can tell, I am a highly successful Marketing Mentor & Blogger – so you can work out how that business of mine went LOL.

Mark on the other hand has shown a very different side to strongly consider what he is doing in his business and of course:


Why? Besides money, why are you going into business? Why do you want money? What is the big outcome of what you are seeking?

As a Marketing Mentor working quite often with Small Business Owners I deal with a range of characters.  People who so love what they do and unfortunately, people that don’t love their own business.  The lack of love can come from not so much a poor decision at the start, but generally people not earning the money they hoped and just “Falling out of Love” with their once passion.

The Top Players I work with and the thinking that got me successful was in short:

– ANSWERING THE BIG WHY.  Why am I in my business? What do I want to do? What am I going to do with the money?

In short, when I answered these questions and remind myself of the answers it is very motivational and gets me all revved up and focused.  In my case, success gives me:

– Spiritual Satisfaction in that I am helping people change their lives.

– Emotional Satisfaction from the recognition and praise I get.

– Physical Satisfaction in that Gym and Health is part of the role.

– Financial Satisfaction in that I can buy my Cat & I somewhere to live, a nice car and get ready for (one day) a woman who is ready to become “Mrs Crazy Persian”.

When I think about my own business in these terms, it gives me infinite motivation, drive and helps me get real clear on what I want.  So if you are stuck or feeling a bit flat, I implore you to consider the “BIG WHY” in terms of Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Financial Pay-offs!

Just like Mark, it will give you that edge you need to not only kick butt from a Sales & Marketing Viewpoint – but certainly a life satisfaction viewpoint.  And speaking of satisfaction, may I slip this one in – check out the Awesome Marketing Vault, full of brilliant & Sales Marketing Strategies – guaranteed for your maximum satisfaction of course! (do you love how I just get that in with complete subtlety?)

Have a great day or night everyone and big thanks from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Man who Admires Mark’s Clarity!



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