One True Hero - Kelvin Ian Cannon.  Cold to Hot - always out there donating his life to the service of others.  I have learnt a lot from this true man!

One True Hero – Kelvin Ian Cannon. Cold to Hot – always out there donating his life to the service of others. I have learnt a lot from this true man!

Giving to charity is one of the most important things that we can do in life, especially being part of the Wealthy Western World.  Even though today I consider myself quite a strong Christian, I would always feel part of myself wanting to give to charity far beyond I jumped in the water-tank in front of my New Age Church Congregation coming out saying:

– Praise the Lord, I am a Believer! Oh Jesus cleanse my sins!

I am obviously having a bit of satirical fun here (and trying to get through my American South TV Preacher accent over written word is just much harder than it seems). If you know me personally or have been reading some of my previous articles, you will notice that 2013 was a massive change in my life on a range of levels.  I had a long-term relationship end and another one didn’t work out (but they are great women who I am still lucky to call friends in my life) and it got me reflecting on how I feel that I really am and for once I could say:

– I am now on my own and 100% Responsible for my direction, so time to choose!

In reflecting on that, I looked deep within, spend a lot of time in prayer and also isolation in contemplating these different parts of my life.  Not so much talking Small Business Marketing here, but more about the purpose of life it gave me much more deeper connection to God.  To be straight up with you, I was so incredibly lonely of being 35 and having relationships end on me.  I don’t have any direct family in Sydney and my partner ends up becoming a key part of my support network – so when they go, they often take out a lot more than just say a “Girlfriend”.

Commercially I know exactly what I want and in terms of the business direction I am clear on there and it left me contemplating my life not only a relationship level (i.e. my search for Mrs. Crazy Persian – one girl who can put up with me LOL) but also the type of man I really want to become.

One inspiration on this level and who I dedicate this article too is this brilliant man by the name of Kelvin Ian Cannon – he is a Preacher and Fellow of the Salvation Army and he works around the Inner-West Sydney Area (“Inner West” is a reference to a group of Inner Sydney City Suburbs up to about 9km from Sydney CBD).

I always payed attention to this man, gave donations and it was a while (and I mean a few years) before I started entering dialogue with him and getting to know him on a  more personal level.  If you aren’t from Sydney it’s a Sub-Tropical Environment which in summer can easily do 39 Degrees (102 Fahrenheit) with high humidity – and can drop to an easy 6 Degrees (43 Fahrenheit) in Winter. Kelvin would be out working the beat, sitting there patiently giving out bibles, spreading the good word and also collecting donations for the poor.

He is really the unsung hero and watching him had a profound impact on my life – especially when I was reviewing it after my relationships ending and overcoming my issues and setting the new direction for my life.  He reminded me of the importance of “Life is Short” and challenged me to think:

– Well, I run around town making out how great I am and helping people and that – how can I prove it?

The answer to this challenge to me was what many major religions and charity groups have been doing – giving beyond yourself to help others.  One problem I have seen out there is that too many people aren’t doing enough for people that need it – and even more, the obsession with ones-self can be a destructive and isolating experience.

This is one I can talk from my own perspective.  My life didn’t work very well for a long time and ironically, my life started working when I started giving to other people. Sure, giving money to support Kelvin’s cause is one thing, but when I started applying this type of thinking onto a functional level in my business – guess what happened?

– I started making more money, more friends, more sales and enjoyed life.

Almost counter-intuitive, but when you think it through – of course being a charitable person will be great for business.  You feel better, you sell harder, people like you more and if God does think that way – he is more likely to tip situations in your favour and give you that “Intangible Edge” – which I most certainly he has blessed me with.

My advice? Believe in God or Not (as Religious Preaching is not the intent of this article) – think carefully about your time on Earth.  Be it you think this is it or there is some type of after-life, I invite you to consider the importance of helping the common man and giving back to people around you.  This thinking has not only transformed my own life, but many people I know!

And my thanks goes to Kelvin Ian Cannon yet again. He has changed my life for the better and I am nothing but blessed!

Thank you for taking the time to read this one, make sure you check out my fine Awesome Marketing Vault for rocking Sales & Marketing Strategies and as always God Bless!

Have a great one from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Charitable Fellow x x



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