Edward Zia (myself) and Ken O'Keefe - one amazing entrepreneur that practices what he preaches!

Edward Zia (myself) and Ken O’Keefe – one amazing entrepreneur that practices what he preaches!

Having worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners over the years (not counting my Corporate Work) I more and more realize that if you consider any area of business to be more of an “Art” and not a “Science” then Marketing is certainly that.

Some of Sales & Marketing Function is of course scientific in terms of how much money you are making, number of sales, say the technical side of setting up your website – but often the other side (just as critical) is very “Artsy” in terms of Selling, Intuition, knowing how your clients feel and taking in anything but perfect information and making a decision with say only 20% of the facts available!

It has got me thinking as to what the “Top 10” traits of business owners that just excel in their Sales & Marketing Function in their business.  If you are in this position, feel free to use this as an information guide to inspire you and get you thinking.

1. The Entrepreneur knows that they are an Entrepreneur! Sounds obvious, but not always.  Only too often do I see people act like employees and do the “Technical” work and don’t do the important business & direction setting work.

2. They are willing to be wrong! No one likes being wrong, but try being in business and if you don’t admit mistakes and change your course when you have too – it can be very very dangerous indeed.

3. They have a feel for the market: They live and breath their business.  Whether they personally could be a client of their own business or not, they live it – understand it and know all the detail and what’s going on.

4. They understand what their products / services deliver: All to often, I think too many entrepreneurs (including me at times) actually don’t forget or aren’t crystal clear on what their product delivers – or at least don’t communicate it.  For example, I am a Marketing Mentor – but it’s not the outcome of what I sell, it’s helping my clients build 6 and 7 figure businesses.  The old cliche, the chiropractor doesn’t sell chiro services – they sell health and pain relief.

5. They outsource what they aren’t good at: I can’t build websites and I don’t want too! Doing it myself will take up valuable time and make it look not too good.  So great to know what you want to do and can’t do.

6. They get across their point quickly: A real important one, they get across their strengths in a powerful compelling way.

7. They know what their TRUE STRENGTHS are: Knowing what your company can do well, is average at and poor at is critical – it helps the entrepreneur stay focused on is what really important and matters.

8. They monitor their return of Marketing Spend with reason & logic: All too often I have seen too many business owners try and assess returns of things that are important but hard to measure.  What’s the return of your car? Business cards? Dressing nicely? Having an impressive computer / tablet for working in front of clients? New Signage for your shop? This is where the “Art” side often kicks in.

9. Their heart is in the business: Be it making bread to consulting – they love what they do and take passion beyond money in what they create.

10. They know Sales & Marketing is their job: All part of the territory!

Of course there are much more – and these are often the top things I have seen over the years!

Edward Zia is a Sydney based Marketing Mentor who lives his life working with fine business owners in coffee shops, restaurants and seeing them live at their premises.  A regular speaker on this topic and Networks all the time.  To learn more about Edward and the Marketing Strategies, check out the Awesome Marketing Vault available at his company’s website.



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