The traits of my Smart & Winning Pal Jamie Simpson

Ranger Jamie is winning so much. Watch this space!

I have known the powerhouse “Ranger Jamie” for years.

He’s a great guy and I knew Jamie, when he was “Park Ranger Jamie”, until he evolved into the powerhouse media personality “Ranger Jamie”.

I have seen the hours he has done, the risks he’s taken and the wins that he’s made into building his incredible business Ranger Jamie Tours and I LOVE HIS WORK.

He is known and loved by what must be tens of thousands now and in short, these are his top three traits that keeps him winning:

  • Does the Hours: Like Elon Musk says, Jamie has worked the long hours to get the results. 7 days a week at times!
  • Customer Experience First: His business works, and people love him because he creates a top customer experience.
  • Fills a very clear need: He and his company run excursions for school kids to meet the curriculum. Very smart need that just works.

My advice and thinking? Connect with and watch Jamie Simpson. Smart guy who is winning MORE and MORE.

Love his work and thanks for the read friends!