The Smart and Opened Minded WINNERS!

The Coogee Chamber Crowd are a smart lot of winners. Love their work!

The Coogee Chamber Crowd are a smart lot of winners. Love their work!

I had a wonderful evening speaking to a great group of (good looking) winners on every level. It all started a few months ago where my wife and I were on the “East Side” of town.

In Sydney, the East is full of beaches and wonderful shores and we visited a wonderful evening hosted by the Coogee Chamber of Commerce. We visited, it was totally incredible, and we made some new wonderful friends.

Bernadette Summers (their President) is wonderful, we connected on Facebook and she checked some of my many videos. She loved them and after checking out my credentials, I was grateful to be invited to speak at their Chamber.

Tonight, was wonderful and as I worked with them, I was blown away by how open minded they were. The Chamber was extremely quiet compared to other events, however they were taking in everything I was saying, and it was just incredible.

People listened, asked lots of great questions and they loved the ideas we discussed and shared when it come to Sales & Marketing.

As I made the journey back home tonight from the “East Side” of Sydney (which we call the Eastern Suburbs), I was reflecting on how open minded they are. The Coogee Chamber crowd really loved the new ideas and they are winners.

My advice and thinking? Winners are naturally open-minded people who love learning new ideas. As a winner learns many new ideas, they make lots of great moves that give them the edge. Coogee Chamber are a great example of these and if you are from this part of town or visiting, you must check them out.

I love their work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!