The Power of Meetup Two Years Later

Thank you everyone for making Profitable Marketing great!

Even though I have dabbled in running Meetup Groups for a long time, I didn’t get great them till the start of 2017.

After dabbling in it, trying a few events here and there; the time came for me to face the abyss and do one of two things; Make it great or stop doing them.

I deep down knew I could nail Meetup and came up with a new concept. Called “Profitable Marketing”, this was based on 1) Networking, 2) Great Ideas and 3) Inspiration. I also moved my Meetup Group to the CBD of Sydney, to make it work.

These days I run regular fortnightly events with a great crowd of people and Meetup has changed my whole business and like.

It’s given me lots of great clients, new friends, a growing reputation and the opportunity to get many speaking gigs. It’s taken my business and life to the next level and I love it.

My advice and thinking? If events are something that suits your business and what your trying to do, check out the Meetup platform. Its great for the entrepreneur market and I love it on many levels.

>> Visit my Meetup Group here, Profitable Marketing!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!