The Goal Driven Nature of WINNING ENTREPRENEURS!

Matt Craig is a winner on every level and we love his GOAL DRIVEN work!

Matt Craig is a winner on every level and we love his GOAL DRIVEN work!

It seemed like 10 lifetimes ago when I went to my first networking event. I was nervous, on edge, covered in sweat and it was the time of my life where I really started to shine.

I met many original characters in this phase of my business, with one of them being the strong soft-spoken Matt Craig. If only I to know he would become a wonderful friend, original client, best man at my wedding and more.

Well, the great guy did after many years and in that process, he built his incredible MindArc Digital Agency. They are Leading in the Australian Fashion eCommerce space and Matt speaks at many events.

I invited him to speak to a group of students I was teaching at the Academy of Entrepreneurs and he had the complete undivided attention of the room.

They loved him and whether Matt realised this or not, his strength really came through as he spoke to this group; Matt was extremely goal driven.

As he recounted his story, it was always goal driven. That is, he’d be in X position and Matt would come up with Y goal and go about it Z way. He would never go with the flow and was always challenging the status quo.

My advice and thinking? Be GOAL DRIVEN like Matt Craig if you want to be successful. I don’t know any successful people who aren’t goal driven and it rocks.

Goals help us strive for what matters and going with the flow, just sucks on many levels. Winning comes from goals and Matt Craig is busy WINNING BIG. We love his work. Connect with the great guy, tell him I sent you and stay awesome friends!