I so can't wait to learn from the best to help others and myself make more of this awesome paper stuff! Thank You Everyone!

I so can’t wait to learn from the best to help others and myself make more of this awesome paper stuff! Thank You Everyone!

Hello Awesome People! If you are reading this blog post on Saturday, 10th May 2014 – I am on a plane right now to Dubai as part of my first “Self-Funded” business trip ever.  I have always rabbited on about “Automated Marketing” so now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and you should be reading this while I am not around.

If you have read my previous blogs, my life totally sucked a few years ago and I have spent lots of time and effort building myself a new life.  Money, Relationships, Friendships and the like – I have learnt that life goes through cycles and sometimes you just got to be working hard and eventually you get the awesome results.

For me, my first “Self-Funded Business Trip” is quite profound for my life.  Firstly, I am going to meet and work with some amazing self-made millionaires who are very sharp operators. It would only take a few tips from them to pay for my whole trip cost.

Secondly, it’s my own sense of achievement.  When I lost everything (except my health in the GFC) I was very wiped out as a person.  Lonely, no money and as I say – living like a “Rat” from day to day.  Just survival which SUCKED ASS for sure x x

I suppose that my trip is my own sense of proving that I don’t need the stupid Corporation to succeed and I don’t have to spend my life just pleasing a boss who deep down wants me to fail (having said that I had some great bosses, but my last ones – hmm).

Bringing it back to the positive of course, it’s great I think being in a fine country like Australia that supports the Entrepreneurs Dream – giving us all an opportunity to build our own success and live life on our terms.

It’s 8:56PM Friday Night as I write this and the taxi will pick me up at 3:00AM.  Yay! Can’t wait till I get up at 2AM.

I just want to say thank you for reading this, thank you to all my great clients, thank you to all my friends and supporters.

And yes, I am “Persian” and this is my first time to the Middle East.

Have a great one people and I can’t wait till I get to the other side!

Edward Zia – Persian finally “Returning Home!”



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