Hanging out with my old Awesome Boss Howard Johnson in Dubai - and still blogging! So yeah! I can work globally x x

Hanging out with my old Awesome Boss Howard Johnson in Dubai – and still blogging! So yeah! I can work globally x x

Howdy All! This is Edward Zia from Dubai putting another part of his book out through my Edward Files blog.  I hope you love it!

18. Search Far and Wide for your Edge

Money is what essentially drives many functions in our World and people generally speaking don’t like spending it unless they are really loving the outcome (but then say if someone is having fun and spending lots of money – they may get a “Credit Card” hangover in that respect).

In Marketing we often talk about getting the “Share of a Person’s Wallet”. That is people do have finite funds and you want to be the offering of sufficient enough value to be privileged enough to for you to be the ones they choose to give their money too.

This implies that you have some type of edge, point of difference or in more common terms “The Edge” that people use to make the choice to say “Yes, I want to hire Brian because he does this better than David”.

As I write this passage, I am miles up in the atmosphere on an Emirates Flight going from Sydney to Dubai to do exactly that. I have been working my Persian Butt off for several years and I am finally in that position where I can go on a fun Business Trip to get more ideas. One part I think of being successful in Small Business Marketing (let alone business full top) is having that understanding. I have a lot of personal and professional motives in going on my self-funded business trip and one of them is being able to expose myself to new ideas and ways of thinking. That is, if I don’t know something – easy! Just go and learn it. What really confounds me and where the true understanding is “What you don’t know, you don’t know!” You may have heard this line more in the motivational spaces but in Marketing, this is so true!

Also I find it’s critical to not just look at people in your industry. Talking the reality of what I do, as a “Marketing Mentor” in Sydney I never ever met 1 person in town that I considered admirable or had an edge I could really learn from. So I sought my inspiration from my friends and colleagues in the United Kingdom (as part of the 4Networking Community I am in) and also from other industries. My own business culture is heavily inspired by the best of what I like from Microsoft, Virgin and Google – and it’s worked a treat! Bringing me thus to our next insight:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #18:

“What you need to know, you don’t know you don’t know. So Explore!”

Keeping an open mind is one thing and as a Marketer it’s one of those critical aspects. The next step from that is being an explorer! That is actively seeking out “Alien” ideas to you, being an open learner and you can really get those amazing “Ideas” out there. Sometimes you only have to find that “One” which gives you a massive edge. As I am writing, I am busy conjuring up particular Online Campaigns to bring my awesome website traffic to help me get more online sales.



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